AR Bernard

Visited for the 1st time Christian Culture Center in Brooklyn, NY today. A 33,000 strong members church, pentecostal/Spirit filled church. What a blessing to listen to Dr AR Bernard preaching. Even my 13 years old daughter liked it. Its engaging, teaching with substance, and finally a faith solid word preacher in the mold of Pentecostal church. Very uplifting sermon on Jeremiah 29…I have plans to bless you not to harm you. Clear expounding iof the scriptures and connected with audience. Sermons that EMPOWERS the folks to have victory in life and enjoy the life of abundance in Christ without the extra luggage of blessing only kind of sermon.


Message of faith & power

We are planning to visit AR Bernard’s 33,000 members church in Brooklyn this Sunday. This is the biggest church in NY and it’s Spirit filled.

They are big on Cultural Mandate with Kong Hee. I have been listening lately to Kong Hee and Joesph Prince ministry and indeed it’s faith and power kind of sermons, highly uplifting. What we need is the power of faith & Word of God to unleash the power of God to lift people up from the darkness and/or depression or economic downturn in New York. Just to prove that this is not only happening in Asia (Singapore) but also in America, I hope to see that power of God and glory of God in NY itself! I think Tim Keller touches a sector of intellectuals in NY, but the vast majority in NY are not into that intellectual philosophical sermons except the some from Columbia. Vast majority of New Yorkers & Americans need a cultural mandate and faith filled empowering messages. In Hope we have been taught on the 7 pillars of cultural civilization that we are to touch like commerce, law, education, entertainment, family, etc.

Keep you posted after the visit! 🙂 Check out my blog.