Desiring God- Psalm 63

Today I spoke about Desiring God. It’s amazing to note that though God is a mighty God with unlimited ability and power, he is really like a man looking for love. He is the God who is looking for our love. For love from us! On one hand he wants us to love him, He loves us tremendously as He demonstrated with all finality, on the cross, bleeding for us all. On the other hand, we want him to bless us and help us when we are in lack and in times of difficulty.

Desiring God and loving God is the number 1 commandment of God. To love the Lord with all our hearts, souls, and might. But many times we come to God and seek Him because of the benefits we can get out of him or what blessings we can get out of him. That’s NOT the seeking that David described in Psalm 73. That’s the general seeking at the elementary level when we first come to know God. The authentic christian experience is when we seek Him and love him for who he is and not for what blessings he can give us.

Jonathan Edward said-Authentic christianity is we seek him for who he is and not for the benefits we can get out of him. Have you found God? You have found God when you start seeking him for who he is.