As I shared this morning, after attended the Gospel Coalition 2013 in Orlando, our hearts are broadened & excited to see the glory of God in raising up so many anointed and gifted preachers, pastors, young ones all over the country. Definitely it’s more than just Tim Keller in the gospel movement. Here are the few that impacted us during the conference.I am browsing through some of their books and should study in depth what they brought to the table.
I encourage you to follow their tweets & read their books as I am trying to learn.
1) Ps /Dr David Platt

He wrote a book …Radical-take back your faith from American dream (NY Times Best Seller)

MDiv, ThD, PhD in Theology from Baptist Theological Seminary.
He blew me away with his teaching on Dsicipleship & church Multiplication. Soooo passionate for Jesus! His first point us “Total abandonment for the glory of Christ” touching on Peter, James & John in leaving behind their boats to follow Jesus.
2) Ps Matt Chandler 
Megachurch pastor Matt Chandler told ministry leaders at a conference in North Carolina on Wednesday that churches seeking to be both fruitful and faithful must first and foremost be built upon the person and work of Jesus Christ.

I absolutely love that. We must build our churches upon the person and work of Jesus Christ!! That’s why I love the gosple centered movement!
3) Ps Colin Smith
Great preaching.
4) Ps Kevin Deyoung
MDiv (young pastor)
Great communicator pastor/thinker/book writer
University Reformed Church, MI
5) Ps/Dr John Piper
Good thinker, foremost theologian cum writer
6) Dr Don Carson
Chair of Gospel Coalition with Tim Keller; foremost theologian, writer
Prof in Trinity Evangelical Seminary, IL
7) Ps/ Dr Tim Keller
You heard too much of him…:)

Financial consideration to plant church in New York city–163648923.html

Manhattan is the most expensive city in America to live. Average home price is $1.35 million. That explains why planting a church in this city is vastly different from planting one in the midwest where house costs less than $200,000. Currently we live in Queens, Forest Hills, which ranks # 6 most expensive place to live in America with the housing costs averages $630,000.

We need a strategy that actually brings in the incarnation ministry of Christ into the city. No use living remotely like 1-2 hours commute from Manhattan where our church is located and our target group is. I have learnt remote pastoring doesn’t work. I know that our church planting effort requires funding that’s higher than all other cities. 

6. Queens, New York

Forest Hills Gardens (COMPLICATED/FLICKR)Queens, the third borough in New York in America’s 10 most expensive places to live, in 2012 had a cost of living index of 148.3. The indexes of all three sections of the Greater New York metropolitan area rose from the previous year. Staten Island and the Bronx make up the rest of New York City.

Market prices in Queens, New York:
Half-gallon of milk – $2.58 
Monthly rent – $2,152 
Home price – $630,189 
Gallon of gas – $3.879 
Haircut – $17.79 
Movie ticket – $12.48 
Bottle of wine – $8.96

1. Manhattan, New York

Afton Almaraz/Getty ImagesManhattan, New York, once again ranks as the most expensive place to live in the U.S. The city in 2012 had cost of living index of 225.4 — more than double the national average.

New York has remained America’s most expensive city since 2007, when the Cost of Living Index released the first edition of its annual report.

Market prices in Manhattan:
Half-gallon of milk – $2.34 
Monthly rent – $3,902 
Home price – $1,303,421 
Gallon of gas – $3.967 
Haircut – $22.21 
Movie ticket – $13.33 
Bottle of wine – $9.67


We are Americans


What a great day as we were sworn in as Americans on 3/26/2013 morning in Brooklyn Eastern US Court. Doreen, Sarah & myself were sworn in after a 12 years journey in America. It has been a real ups and downs journey. God has certainly amazed us in how faithful and amazing He is in shaping and moulding us and using us to fulfill the Great Commission. Well, it has not been easy, and I struggled the most during the first 7 years or so in US as I was working in America under H1 B visa. We waited for 7 years before we got our Greencard. That was a HUGE relief and it happened in 2008 just before our eldest child Sarah got in Columbia University. As greencard holders, she is eligible to Federal loan etc. It really helped and just gave a sense of security that eluded us for so long. Every single job change required me to apply for new H1B and it costs us more than $2000 each time. What a burden that I carried for years. Now I can truly praise the Lord our God for His providence.
We are Americans!!
I remember on the day of the naturalization interview Doreen happened to read the chapter on citizenship in the bible during her daily devotional time and later again on the day of swearing in ( about 1 week later) she read about citizenship. Its not pre-arranged, it just is coincidental. Amazing. God is really reminding us of our heavenly citizenship!
Phil 3: 20 But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ, 21 who, by the power that enables him to bring everything under his control, will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious body.