NT Wright has i…

NT Wright has it powerfully nailed.This is very new to me, but profoundly important. He said: What the New Testament really says is God wants you to be a renewed human being helping him to renew his creation, and his resurrection was the opening bell. And when he returns to fulfil the plan, you won’t be going up there to him, he’ll be coming down here.

I think there is so much truth in that God wants us to be renewed first and then renew the world we live in. We are not going to leave this world and join God in heaven and leave the world to rot on its own. But rather we are here in this world for a purpose, to renew this world we live in!! To renew the city we live in.

Hence the revised Vision/Mission statement for Hope NY Church:

To be a renewed person joining God to renew his creation, the world and to proclaim the gospel to the city with words, power, and the Holy Spirit & deep conviction . Also to build a community towards fullness in Christ in New York, and through it, to the world.

Fullness in Christ: Means our being (character) and our serving/obeying (purpose).



Dear friends,
Personally, 2011 has been a wonderful and challenging year for me. I
got a new job with ConEd, which is a very big and stable utility
company, which gives me more time & energy to serve the Lord. It’s a
miracle in this time of economic downturn, and a fresh breath of life
from the Lord. God has continued to bless my family, with Rachel’s
acceptance to Columbia University, and Sarah’s, Paul’s, and Rebecca’s
continued success in their schools.

Hope NY Church has also grown in 2011 both in number and quality. The
most important change is the gradual transformation of the church to a
more Gospel-centered Church. A number of new college students continue
to be added to our church including some salvations. I am very
thankful for the leadership team that stood with me all year, coming
together for the Hope North American Camp and progressing even further
as a team in the months afterwards. I am sure they have grown in the
Lord as much as I have over the year. Thank you guys!! I’m very proud
of you!! It’s been a sweet and tough year.

Looking forward to 2012, I am certain that God has greater things for
us! We are praying to move into Manhattan from Long Island, embracing
the principle of living with the people to whom you want to reach out.
God has taught me to love and respect the city.

Finally, we wish you all a very happy & prosperous New Year.  May the
Lord shine upon you and guide you to truth, filling your hearts with
joy & peace! Like Mary says “My soul glorifies the Lord and my heart
rejoices in Him.”

In Christ,
Albert, Doreen, Sarah, Rachel, Paul and Rebecca.
New York, December 2011

Dear Pastors, …

Dear Pastors,

I have been praying about the NACC camp Vs local NY Church camp over the last few weeks. What’s the best for our local churches. I am leaning to host our local church camp, and today it’s all confirmed. I spoke to Minyu from Hope London, also Jon Ah Chern from Hope London and Jon Foo who was from Hope London too. They confirmed that in Hope Europe they no longer do the annual Europe camp anymore, instead they have ELC (European Leadership Conference). I am totally in agreement to this.
I propose we abolish NACC Camp and substitute it with ALC (American Leadership COnference). Our own local church members will have local camp, just like London, Berlin, Oslo etc. 
I subsequently brought it up to our core group meeting today in our leadership meeting and my core team totally & unanimously agreed to the concept of Leadership conference for N America, and local camp for members. (Life Gp leaders and above). Thats what we in Hope NY will do in 2012 onwards. I ask that all pastors consider this and pray about this. There is a reason for Hope Europe to do that and honestly, they are doing better than us. I believe that the benefits of spending thosuands and thiousands of dollars does not justify it. We should mobilize ALL our members for local church camp at like $100/person for 3 nights, 4 days. That’s what we plan to do in NY.
BTW, today my real self preaching came through with 20% Keller’s intellectual stuff, and 80% my won from Hope training and the atmosphere took off. Thanks for listening guys.
In Christ,

Renewal of All …

Renewal of All Things Teachings 

This is part of our teaching in A Renewed Church in Hope. We need teachings on this very important subject and it will be incredibly appealing to New Yorkers and engaging the minds and philosophy. Ours has good thoughts but is generally over laden with bible verses. I think  I would like to study ours again and see if I can make it more culturally relevant & cut those verses down. It will be exiting.
Needing something that is Very applicable to modern lives, engaging into the modern culture, and very good to explain in the quest of knowing why the world without Christ has so much good quality and exceptionalism, for example Apple? Because that’s our human instinct as God created man  woman in His image…which has the power of creation that involves excellence, artistic expression and beauty of it all. That quality and ability is embedded in human beings whether they come to Christ or not, however, they become corrupted and distorted the image of God as sins came in.
Therefore God has called us Christians today to bring renewal to all things. To renew all creations. One thing that strikes me most is to bring the beauty of God into our vocations. To bring renewal into our daily lives outside the Sunday service. To see that happening is uplifting and loving it. We know it, but if we don;t love it, we won;t drive it. Passion is needed to make that happen.
Feel free to comment & exchange thoughts. I want to rally some of the western church planters on board in this discussion & blog.
Behold I am making everything new    Revelation 21 vs. 5
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!    2 Corinthians 5 vs. 17
Do not lie to each other, since you have taken off your old self with its practices and have put on the new self, which is being
renewed in knowledge in the image of its Creator.    Colossians 3 vs. 9-10
For God was pleased to have all his fullness dwell in him, and through him to reconcile to himself all things,whether things on
earth or things in heaven, by making peace through his blood, shed on the cross.   Colossians 1 vs. 19-20