Sunday worship 10 am

Welcome to my preaching in LIALC Church in Hicksville . I would love to have you join us for a glorious time of worship and have the word fill you for his glory and purpose!

Confessing Christ in challenging time John 6:60-70

We are like wondering sheep seeking our true home. Like the lost sheep of Israel, we will always feel lost in this world without the eternal home that God sets up in Christ Jesus. Thats our family, our eternal abode.

God is all out to bring us back to his family, and the devil is all out to stop us. This website is my way of bringing the spiritual realities closer to home. And it is only possible as God reveals to us by his Spirit in Christ Jesus.

My name is Al Ngu, an interim pastor of a local church Long Island Abundant Life Church ( in Hicksville, Long Island. Currently in my 5th year for my MDiv with RTS (Reformed Theological Seminary) in New York and Orlando.

I am passionate about reading, posting, writing talks on the surpassing glory of Christ and His power to enable us to partake of his divine nature facing this hostile difficult world and culture.

I am posting almost daily short podcasts, Spotify, and also video posts in TikTok, and Youtube on my devotional inspirations as I meditate on the scriptures. Many have been blessed especially in TikTok where I have over 2000 followers, and 28,000 likes thus far after something like 6 months. So do check it out. And you are welcome to post any questions.

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When real life meets with real God

The words of Jesus are spirit and life

Psalm 119:92–93 (NIV)

92 If your law had not been my delight,

I would have perished in my affliction.

93 I will never forget your precepts,

for by them you have preserved my life.

You see how the word of Christ is connected to life? It’s the word of God that sustains us, preserved us. Psalmist wrote that if God’s word is not his delight, he would have perished or died in his afflictions. We all face multiple and all kinds of trials and afflictions in this world, and God’s word must be our delight. No just to obey God’s word, but it’s our delight. God’s word must be our source of strength, source of meditation and joy and comfort, and directions.

David Powlison, a well-known counselor and also a skilled theologian, writes “Psalm 119 is actually not about getting scriptures into your life. Instead, its the honest words that erupt when what God says get into you. It’s not an exhortation to Bible study, it’s an outcry of faith! Psalm 119 is the thoughtful outcry when real life meets with real God. We tend to be busy, distractible people in a busy, noisy, distracting world. This psalm teaches us we need time to listen and think if we are ever to converse with God.” — wow! An eruption of our feeling and gratitude to our Lord when God’s word GETS into us! We want to meditate until the Word GETS into our minds our souls! It will be an outcry!

It’s an outcry of faith! There is no outcry if the Word doesn’t speak to you. Psalmist would never have spoken if he were not moved, or experienced it. It’s the honest words that erupted when what God says gets into you. You want to meditate the word until it gets into you. Super important. Don’t forget. I love it “real life meets with real God”.