Outpouring of the Holy Spirit –Asbury Revival

In what’s happening in Asbury revival started two weeks ago and across the nation now, the joy in the celebration in the hope of restoration and revival is palpable in the air. It has spread from Asberry to Lee University to a lot of other campuses, including Yale University, and coming to New York City now in NYU, I believe.

Asbury Revival Report

Asbury revival? David Ro, Director of Mission in Gordon Conwell College., as well as involved in Mission in China for last 10 years, shared important aspects of this aspire revival as follows. #1. It’s not the Pentecostal or charismatic type. Where it gets very emotional and to the point of people crying or weeping or wailing. #2. It is neither of the Reformed doctrine type with gospel centered theology. What it is, is just the Gen. Z population rising up to grab hold of God in their hunger to find God in their authentic relationship with God. America’s Gen. Z population has been the most distant from God. And this time round? This revival is about them, and started by them. And spreading around the country for all demographics. This is very exciting. And I’m full praying for it and believing for the outpouring of the Spirit of God continue to spread across the United States and all over the world. What happened in Asbury is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, is not.  manufactured emotionalism. There is no celebrity preacher., is no. pride and arrogance of any sort. It is a movement of the Holy Spirit. In the hearts of young people of the Gen Z population, and they have come in with such humility in their hearts I’ve heard . Much repentance happened. Many were restored and healed emotionally. And a lot of wounds were healed and a lot of cleansing and forgiveness have happened. This is not exactly like the physical healing that we have seen so much in the Bible and during the Pentecostal rallies, healing rallies. But it is more of the emotional and mental and spiritual. And some of them come to Christ as a result, too.

Outpouring of the Holy Spirit and that is a revival

Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones, gives a spectacular series of preaching in revival, and here I will attach you here next line what are the main things like?

Lloyd Jones said a major element in a revival is the person and the doctrine of the Holy Spirit. Jesus said “I will send you a helper, a comforter (John 14:16), after I have left this world, and that is the Holy Spirit.” Jesus promised in numerous places just before his death on the cross, and the resurrection from death, about the Holy Spirit. He’s told us that the Holy Spirit will renew all things and will glorify him and the Father, and will bring to all things of remembrance of what Jesus has taught us.

John 16: He will glorify me, for he will take what is mine and declare it to you. 15 All that the Father has is mine; therefore I said that he will take what is mine and declare it to you.

The Holy Spirit was poured out on the day of Pentecost and resulted in 3000 men and women repented and believe in Christ as the Son of God and Savior, the promised Messiah of the world. Now that’s  the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and that it’s a revival.

Acts 2: When the day of Pentecost arrived, they were all together in one place. And suddenly there came from heaven a sound like a mighty rushing wind, and it filled the entire house where they were sitting. And divided tongues as of fire appeared to them and rested on each one of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance.

Many people today believe that week we should be filled with the Holy Spirit, however, they don’t believe in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, like in the book of Acts two. They argue that the outpouring of the Holy Spirit is once in a lifetime event that occurred on Pentecost, and it would never repeat again. But if you read an Acts 4, when the apostles, pray together the place was shaken by the Holy Spirit.

Acts 4: 29 And now, Lord, look upon their threats and grant to your servants to continue to speak your word with all boldness, 30 while you stretch out your hand to heal, and signs and wonders are performed through the name of your holy servant Jesus.” 31 And when they had prayed, the place in which they were gathered together was shaken, and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and continued to speak the word of God with boldness.

The baptism of the Holy Spirit is a second experience to the believers’ baptism in water as strongly defended by Martin Lloyd Jones. He has argued that speaking in tongues is not necessarily the automatic expression of being baptized in the Holy Spirit, though we do see very frequently accompanied the baptism in the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts. However, he’s of the opinion that, there are occasions, I agree, that there were no speaking tongues after the baptism of the Holy Spirit. However, that does not remove the doctrine of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I agree with him that baptism in the Holy Spirit does not always result to speak in tongues, however, baptism of the Holy Spirit is a second experience I would rather argue as the empowerment for courage, strength, revelation to do the work of God just like Acts 4, the place where they met was shaken by the Holy Spirit.

You can call the steps and the Holy Spirit. Acts 10 Cornelius’s household was filled with the Holy Spirit and was baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Acts 10:44–46. 44 While Peter was still saying these things, the Holy Spirit fell on all who heard the word. 45 And the believers from among the circumcised who had come with Peter were amazed, because the gift of the Holy Spirit was poured out even on the Gentiles. 46 For they were hearing them speaking in tongues and extolling God. Then Peter declared,

There are many occasions baptism in the Holy Spirit happened. In Acts 19, Peter ask them have they received the Holy Spirit? These guys were disciples, and the fact that Peter asked a question this question have you received the Holy Spirit to a bunch of believers in Christ, makes you think, Peter is looking for a second experience of baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Acts 19:3–7 And he said, “Into what then were you baptized?” They said, “Into John’s baptism.” And Paul said, “John baptized with the baptism of repentance, telling the people to believe in the one who was to come after him, that is, Jesus.” On hearing this, they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. And when Paul had laid his hands on them, the Holy Spirit came on them, and they began speaking in tongues and prophesying. There were about twelve men in all.

Now granted, I know there are big names, theologians, preachers, and pastors who don’t speak in tongues. They actually. In my opinion., on. Baptized in the Holy Spirit without necessarily speaking tongues, clearly have the baptism of the Holy Spirit to have the insight and anointing  to effectively spread the word of the gospel of grace in Christ Jesus. They don’t necessarily have to speak in tongues, therefore, it all flows in right now.

Be filled with the Holy Spirit or the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

Martin Lloyd Jones says it correctly those folks say the outpouring of the Holy Spirit only happened once in the day of Pentecost, and that’s why churches have stopped praying for revival. And there’s why hardly any revivals to the last hundred years because people stopped praying for it, asking for it in England and conceivably America too. However, of course you have seen the Holy Spirit poured out in Africa, and other places for the last hundred years.

And he said something if you call that work of the Spirit of God, as just gibberish human emotional experience you’re really come in pretty darn close to blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. I agree.

Quenching the Spirit of God

Now that’s also another thing. It’s called quenching the Spirit of God. That is less severe than blasphemy against the Spirit of God, which is an unforgivable sin. Actually, the question of the quenching of the Spirit happens when you call the baptism of the Holy Spirit, as nothing.  The outpouring of the Spirit  happened just once, and  that in a sense you just stopped the hunger and thirst of men and women to cry out for the baptism the Holy Spirit, essentially the outpouring, the Spirit of God, which translated into revival.

Look at those videos in YouTube Asbury, revival, thousands I mean, thousands of college students flocking to gather in the hours 24 hours daily running about 15 days in a row now spreading across the nation to Memphis to Alabama, etc. enter New York to Yale, etc., that is the empowerment of the Spirit of God. The manifestation of the power of the spirit of God is part of the story, the narrative of baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Regardless, it’s time for us to move on to cry out for the outpouring of the Spirit of God for a revival in our city ,in our town ,in our state, in our country, in our colleges everywhere. It’s time to cry out to believe.  God is really just started!  Somebody and a lot of people must’ve been praying real hard is in Asbury University in the first revival is broken up in the 21st-century in America.

Return all people of God ,to the altar of God and cry out to our Lord of harvest to bring in the harvest, to reap the harvest, to set the captives, free, to heal the brokenhearted, Amen.

God sovereignly set up a showdown with Pharaoh to show his glory to Israel, Egypt and us today

God sovereignty sets up a showdown with Pharaoh to show his glory to Israel, Egypt and us today

Exodus 10 talks about God, set up a scenario of the big scene of exodus for the nation of Israel, through the hands of Moses. He told Moses “I will harden Pharaoh’s heart.” It is very very clear that the entire saga of the seven plagues they almost destroyed Egypt, and in fact, killed the firstborn of pharaoh’s family, and the entire nation of Egypt is something beyond normalcy and bordering of a Third World war.

Exodus 10:1–2 Then the Lord said to Moses, “Go in to Pharaoh, for I have hardened his heart and the heart of his servants, that I may show these signs of mine among them, and that you may tell in the hearing of your son and of your grandson how I have dealt harshly with the Egyptians and what signs I have done among them, that you may know that I am the Lord.”

God’s relentless assault of the nation of Egypt, who had enslaved the nation of Israel for probably 100 or 200 years during their 400 years stay in Egypt. To begin with, the entire nation of Israel in Egypt is also master mind by God himself. In fact, God spoke to Abraham, your descendants of possess the land I will give to you and your children , I shall make your name great but your descendants shall be in bondage in Egypt for 400 years however, I will punish the nation Egypt for us leaving them.

Genesis 15:12–14 12 As the sun was going down, a deep sleep fell on Abram. And behold, dreadful and great darkness fell upon him. 13 Then the Lord said to Abram, “Know for certain that your offspring will be sojourners in a land that is not theirs and will be servants there, and they will be afflicted for four hundred years. 14 But I will bring judgment on the nation that they serve, and afterward they shall come out with great possessions.

The one who makes history is God and God alone

That was like 3 or 5 generations before Moses and Israel’s generation, and all happened precisely as God told Moses. The one who makes history is God and God alone. He himself designed orchestrated the entire history of humanity. And if you want, you can see God in the book of Hebrews says before the foundation of the world God has already Destin and plan that his son Jesus Christ shall die on the cross to redeem mankind. Everything is set up.

1 Peter 1:20–21 (NIV)

20 He was chosen before the creation of the world, but was revealed in these last times for your sake. 21 Through him you believe in God, who raised him from the dead and glorified him, and so your faith and hope are in God.

Easter resurrection and the death of Christ on the cross is not an accident, and in two weeks time or one month time we’re gonna celebrate Easter, but the reality is so true that God has designed that. Why? So this answer can be easily obtained by looking at God’s answer to Moses. God told Moses “Go and bring my people out of the nation of slavery in Egypt, I will  harden Pharaoh’s heart, I will rain down plagues after the plagues upon them. Pharaoh will refuse to give in because I hardened his heart.”

So how did the plague after the plague came in to being because Pharaoh refused to give in even after the almost destruction of Egypt after the first few plagues. And why is that you ask? The simple reason is as God, in Exodus 10, said he will harden Pharaoh’s heart, so that “The people of Israel with see great sign, miracles of God for delivering Israel out of the bondage of Egypt, so that Israel can tell their sons and daughters, and their grandchildren and children about what God has done.”

 It’s very very important for people of God to remember what God has done. After the deliverance in Exodus, when they walked through that miles of Red Sea on dry ground, when God, also at the same time drowned thousands of Egyptian armies, that impression will never ever be erased from the minds of the people of Israel. For sure some liberal modern Jews today in America have even come up with a theory that Moses never existed. This is another story altogether that is why they called the junk and rubbish the enemy has thrown at God‘s people. To deny Moses’ existence is to deny the move of God in one of the greatest history in the whole entire world.

God hardened Pharaoh’s heart to set up a ultimatum gigantic Armageddon if you like between God and the powers of Pharaoh. In fact, what drives Egypt is not just Pharaoh but its the idols the forces of darkness in Egypt driving him. People don’t seem to understand that the opposition and the trials that we face as Christian in this world is not just because the ideology the culture of fight against us, but really its the forces of darkness, principalities in the air, behind them are driving this forces of darkness against us, believers in Christ Jesus.

Now this is huge because God wants us to remember. God sets it up so that Pharaoh would not relent. So that God had the opportunity to demonstrate to show his power again and again and again, and almost wiped out the whole population of Egypt. The last  climatic point, God killed the first born of Pharaoh and all Egyptians. This is very very antithetical and fore shadow of God, having his own son first born, and only son Jesus Christ, killed on the cross in the reversal order to redeem mankind so that mankind’s first born lived. This article is really about the sovereignty of God.

The sovereignty of God mapped out everything while he needed to do.

The sovereignty of God mapped out everything while he needed to do. The lesson for today, for all of us is that God has mapped it out for each, and everyone of us, and that’s why we got his call to run a race that we have to win as Paul wrote in his epistles. Everyone  has a race, and that has been set up and given to us by our God in Jesus Christ. So now it is really important that we need to know, what God has destined for each one of us. And that is the only way God can showcase his power and he’s his glory to each and everyone of us in this very broken generation that we live in. Man’s depravity and anger and lostness and greed is unfathomable. However, having say that, God has also destined, common grace upon the world. Even people without Christ shows virtues of goodness and kindness and faithfulness, because of the doctrine of concept of common grace of God.

In conclusion, I hope this just would really encourage and everyone of us to know that we are not living in this world by chance and got his call for specific calling to do the works He has called us so that we can love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind and soul. And love our neighbors as ourselves. And this takes supernatural the Spirit of God to deliver, working all hearts, because no man will bow to God in his volition, it has to be The Spirit of God. Amen a.

The Tension between Ambition and Humility-Moses

The Bible exhorts us to be humble before God. In fact, God told Israel in Jeremiah, if my people would humble themselves, and call upon my name, I will show them great and mighty things. It is interesting to see the great and mighty things comes after two conditions: 1) they will humble themselves, 2) they will call upon God. You know there’s a correlation between humility and calling upon God. In fact, most people and Christians, if not humble, would not even call upon God. Therefore, it is the humble, the meek, the needy, cry out to God. Very often calling upon God comes in the form of crying to God. This basic human psychology when we are lost, when we are despondent, we cry out to our savior. To many people in the world, they will cry out to a lot of other helps whatever they can find, especially in this world of brokenness and depravity. What’s worse is people who are in dire need do not realize that they are actually in great need of help. So that two things to block people from coming to call upon God, the self-sufficiency is number one deterrent for people to come to God. That’s why humility is a beautiful character before God.

If you look at the life of Moses, when he was in the probably 20s, as a prince of Egypt, he seemed to have a special call from God even at a young age without God, speaking directly to him. He had a special burden to set his own people, Israel, free from the bondage of Egypt while he himself was a prince of Egypt. What we call as dual nationality. He had the Egyptian persona or position or upbringing, but he also has the ethnically, biologically Jewish ethnicity though he was never brought up in a Jewish family. Although when he was a baby, he was actually brought up by his mom in a very providential way of God when Moses was found in the basket floating in Nile river by The princess of Egypt. She became his adopted and real mom. And just at that point the princess upon hearing a baby crying in a basket while she was bathing in Nile with her maiden servants, asked if they could get a Jewish mom to raise this baby for her.  Moses’ sister heard that and she ran to call upon their mom to come and raise her baby Moses. She must be overwhelmed with joy and thankful for how God intervened and saved her baby and even gave her a chance to race her own baby for at least a period of time. So it is that incredulous providential story testimony of the divine plan of God being worked out right in the Nile river before the very princess of Egypt daughter of pharaoh himself. Folks never underestimate God’s plan; He can even work out to get the enemy’s power to fulfill His plan. He’s plan cannot be stopped by anybody.

The plan of God continues to operate in the very palace of Pharaoh of all places, while the people of Israel continued to suffer under the tyrant hands of Pharaoh, who made them to be slaves to build the pyramid. One fine day when Moses was walking around, and he saw an Egyptian slave master flogging his fellow Jewish man, who was laboring away to collect to get to make bricks, etc., and in such an urge of wanting to save his fellow man, Moses killed that Egyptian. And then a few days later, while walking around the field again and he saw some Jewish men quarreling with one another. Moses went out to them and said “Hey guys, don’t fight one another, you are brothers.”  Those guys turn around and asked him “Who made you to be our leader, do you want to kill us as you did to the Egyptian?” Hearing that, Moses knew the news of him killing that Egyptian Must have leaked out. It is unusual Pharoah to go after him. In any case I guess Moses is really Jewish ethnic adopted child of his daughter. So Moses started to flee while Pharaoh was raging and had his army to kill Moses.

But Moses escaped and he landed at the wilderness at the far away land from Egypt, he landed at Jethro‘s Vineyard, who turned out to be his future father-in-law. Can you believe the providential hands of God? How beautifully God set up for him to be in Egypt, for him to be persecuted, and for him to flee, and for him to flee to the exact spot in the universe, called Jethro‘s vineyard. While he was there, he saw Jethro‘s daughters came out to draw water for the camels and the straws and some shepherd boys came and hustled them. Moses saw that, he came forward and defended Jethro‘s daughters, and he drove them away.

Jethro’s daughters went back , and their father heard of this of this Jewish man who saved his daughters. Jethro said to his daughter “how one on earth did you not invite him back? I want to thank him for that.” So they invited Moses back to the house, and Jethro hosted a big feast for him, looked up to him and finally they discovered that he’s a great material to be his son-in-law. I wonder is that not such a possibility? Well, most of such a charming prince of Egypt, and the called one of the Almighty God Yahweh, is there any doubt he’s the man? To cover story short, Moses married Jethro’s daughter and lived among them. And you know what? He lived in Jethro’s wilderness area far away from Egypt for 40 years. For 40 long years Moses lived in obscurity from the ivy league, tower of pharaoh’s palace to the shepherd boy status of the wild, and not for four days ,not for four years, but 40 long years. Those 40 long years were in complete silence, as per the divine sovereignty of God there’s no record of what the heck went through his mind, how exactly he was transformed. But suffice to say, it took 40 years for God to completely humble Moses with the self ego, self-confidence, to a totally transformed, fine man of God, with humility, and a heart full of gold for God as you can see later. Seriously, there’s hardly a man, with such piety as Moses in the Old Testament, I would argue. He didn’t squander the massive wealth that he got them for he didn’t get any massive. Unlike David and Solomon, accrued, massive wealth, massive number of wives and prostitutes, only to the downfall of Solomon complete destruction, but a part to partial downfall of David but thanks be to God with God’s grace, David’s immaculate heart of passion and love for God, David survived and lived a legacy that is pretty much unmatchable in the old testament, nevertheless.

So what we see here is a man of top caliber for God when he was called by God in the burning bush experience, he said he couldn’t even speak properly, he could not speak eloquently, and he had no courage to face Pharaoh when God called him. God was even frustrated with him so He appointed Moses brother Aaron to be his spokesman to help him to do the task and made made Moses to be like God to Aaron.

The rest of the story is Moses exploded into international limelight, he dethroned Pharaoh from being a humble shepherd boy in the wilderness, something that is unheard of, and God indeed displayed his utmost mighty powers that is unprecedented to the level of seven plagues that destroyed Egypt from the harvest, to blood on the Nile river, locust, eating up all the food harvest, and eventual the killing of all the firstborns of Egypt, including pharaoh’s. That demonstration of God’s power was ruthless, vicious, and mighty indeed. God’s power was ready to dethrone the idols of Egypt whom Egypt claimed to be gods. God delivered Israel, but also send a message to Egyptian how Yahweh is the true God, and opened up the door for them to put the faith in Yahweh.

So Moses became famous, and finally got into the calling (he originally wanted to do that when in his 20s in Egypt as the Prince of Egypt). Now he’s got it. But he’s a totally changed man. He faced enormous trials and challenges and difficulties from the people of Israel climaxed into the highest pinnacle of the golden calf story, and also rebels, led by some factions in Israel challenging Moses authority. God defended Moses mightily and zealously. In fact, those rebels did not get killed in the normal way, but as Moses proclaimed, “if this people do not die in an unnatural way, God has not called me”. With that the earth opened up and swallowed up all those rebels into earth alive with their families, the children and the wives, the whole lot. It is so incredibly shocking and sorrowful and grieving story, but God put an end to those rebels.

You see the tension between humility and ambition? It was resolved when God showed up in a burning bush. I believe the resolution of the tension of humility and big ambitions will be resolved in our burning bush with God, i.e. an encounter with God, showing us the way to go and what to do. The call must be and has to be from God himself. And he’s faithful and he loves his people. He loves the people he calls into ministry.

Paul say that we should know our calling and remain humble. We should be like David poured out his heart to God during his time of difficulties and hardship. For anyone going through a time of being humbled, you will need a time of patience and waiting upon the Lord. Someone said for I will wait upon the Lord. Paul says those who wait upon the Lord shall soar like an eagle.

Isaiah 40:30–31 (ESV)

30    Even youths shall faint and be weary,and young men shall fall exhausted;31    but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.

Our strength will be renewed as we wait upon the Lord. There’s something about recharging of inner energy and inner self as we spend time in the presence of God waiting for God and hearing from God. Very often this would take the form of just prayer, meditation of the scriptures and lead a contemplative life. A lot of times we can’t wait upon the Lord because we can’t trust him. That’s a deeper group problem if we manifest impatience with God which I must admit very often I face that. It is good to wait upon the Lord, so that we shall renew our strength, so that we shall mount up like eagles and shall run and not be weary, Hallelujah! How many of you know that running a race in the Lord it’s not exactly an easy task? We need to really know him and wait in his presence.

The Basis of Revival

The basis of revival is the work of the Holy Spirit supernaturally: He stirs the hearts and minds of men and women, to worship him to pray, and to read and study the word of God. Many people do not know the Spirit of God can do such a thing in our lives experientially; except that we can be grounded by the Word of God.  If ever, the testimonies and biographies of what happened for decades and centuries ago, remains far-fetched events that’s almost too remote for us to identify with, to long for, to pray for in our days, in our generation. Many have brushed them aside, but the time has come for us to arise and pursue that. Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones have preached 24 sermons series on revival, and written a book on it. This well-known renown reformed preacher of the Word of God who has exercised enormous influence over his generation and us today, will be continuing to be a major force to reckon with in the days to come. He preached for revival consistently. Wow many churches today hardly talk about revival or be completely silent about it.

By any definition, a revival is characterized by spontaneous long-lasting episodes of collective worship: extemporaneous prayer, stirring music and rousing preaching. The concept has a history stretching back to at least the First Great Awakening in 18th-century New England, when crowds of newly fervent Protestants gathered to hear vivid extemporaneous sermons by pastors like Jonathan Edwards. (NYTWoodstock’ for Christians: Revival Draws Thousands to Kentucky Town)

Today we saw what seems to be a revival that broke out in Asbury university almost 2 weeks ago, and apparently they closed down the meeting hall as classes begin to commence again. What has happened over time, people seem to think that revival meetings have come to a grind ,to stop as reported with glee and simplistically in papers like liberal media that revivals has come to a stop. What they don’t know is what God has started, no man can stop. Hallelujah! And you know what? It has spread to other campuses nationwide even before the stopping, but now because of this stopping, the starting of the new revival works in other campuses, have taken on the new life. This is truly an exciting moment to live in. In fact New York Times today has reported the up springing of revival from Asbury again.


‘Woodstock’ for Christians: Revival Draws Thousands to Kentucky Town

For two weeks, tens of thousands of people have made a pilgrimage to a tiny Christian college, about 30 minutes south of Lexington, for what some scholars and worshipers describe as the nation’s first major spiritual revival of the 21st century.The revival at Asbury began on Feb. 8, when a few dozen students lingered after an ordinary morning chapel service to continue singing and praying together. Word about the spontaneous gathering spread on campus, and by evening, students were dragging mattresses into the chapel to spend the night. Within days, their enthusiasm had exploded into a national event.The university estimates that the revival has drawn more than 50,000 people to Wilmore, a sleepy town of 6,000 people where the grocery store hosts a weekly Bible study and police cars read “In God We Trust.” The Asbury revival is “marked by overwhelming peace for a generation marked by anxiety,” said Madison Pierce, a student at the unaffiliated Asbury Theological Seminary across the street who volunteered to pray with visitors and help with logistics.—NYTWoodstock’ for Christians: Revival Draws Thousands to Kentucky Town)

Our hearts’ longing for revival depends on how much you’ve experienced disappointment, trials, downs in life that you either give up with the Lord, or you long for a revival. Also how much you believed in the revival accounts like in Acts 2,  the Pentecost outpouring of the Spirit of God. If you say that it’s only for the Apostolic age, you’ve done a huge disservice to the body of Christ, and indeed to yourself.

“Never could I have imagined what we are experiencing now,” said Kevin Brown, who has been the university’s president since 2019, and spent several very late nights in the chapel. “There’s a deep hunger born of this trenchant dissatisfaction and disillusionment with what has been handed to the younger generation, and I think they’re just raising their gaze to higher things.”–NYTWoodstock’ for Christians: Revival Draws Thousands to Kentucky Town)

Healing is a consistent theme in the modern history of revivals.

But if 20th-century revivals focused on healing physical pains and disabilities, accounts of healing at Asbury are overwhelmingly about mental health, trauma and disillusionment.

“You have a generation identifying that these are the problems of our generation that are intractable,” said Erica Ramirez, the director of research at Auburn Seminary, who has written often about revivals and charismatic theology. “So many of their friends are not well.” Healing is a consistent theme in the modern history of revivals. But if 20th-century revivals focused on healing physical pains and disabilities, accounts of healing at Asbury are overwhelmingly about mental health, trauma and disillusionment. NYTWoodstock’ for Christians: Revival Draws Thousands to Kentucky Town)

Don’t box God in, and restrain him only operating miracles and signs in the apostolic age.  That’s simply inconceivable, and indeed, preposterous. Why would anybody do that? That somehow the gift of the Spirit and God’s promise to pour out the spirit of God, is looked at and perceived  with great suspicion in this day and age, especially in the reformed world. With all due respect, the reform teachings which I love most dearly, and I’m holding on and passionately preaching  myself, has some truly questionable doctrine opposition towards the gift of the Spirit, unfortunately (Gaffin—he wrote on the cessation of the gifts). To continue for all in this path of Doctrinal Theological understanding, it will box God in, correction, you won’t go box God in, you would just box yourself in. But I got to say that not all reformed folks believe this cessation of gift, and I know for a fact that when I took my worship class with Dr Ligon Duncan, he clearly articulated the prophetic gift as long as it is exercised in order in church service. I also know for a fact that John piper believes in the gift of speaking tongues though he himself does not get it because he believes God has called him to preach with prophetic word. That I love to be able to prophesy in preaching at a more grander scale that are short 2 minutes of prophecy. It’s important for reformed theology to accept continuation of gift to be a continuous in a proper order. God can never be boxed in by humans or any force. There is no return. The will of God must be done. And it will be done.

Pentecost has arrived. This is so significant because there are millions of millions of people who are in dire need of a refreshing touch of God in their feeble Christian walk.  Many have walked away from their faith in Christ, reduced that to a nominalism or a cultural Christ devoid of the power thereof. They perceivably has already left the Lord, and no amount intellectual, apologetic, argument or preservation will bring them back. They are gone. The only way to bring them back to Christ is by the Spirit of God and the revival. You better pray for the revival to come to your town today and keep praying. Because your hope is in the outpouring of the Spirit of God, like Pentecost. Don’t let the issue of speaking in tongues block you down or bind you. Like many thrown out the gift of the Spirit like throwing out the baby with the bathwater. This is an unacceptable theology. Admittedly, Pentecostal excess has happened, but just because it has happened, we must not discredit the genuine move of the Spirit of God and the gift of the Spirit. We have to move on and continue to pray for revival like Martin Lloyd Jones has been teaching and urging us to do.

The entire conversation of revival is so important and significant, because we humanly have no solutions to a lot of brokenness in our society, to a lot of sicknesses in our society in our churches in our community, in a lot of backsliding, a lot of confusion on sexuality and abortion in our church, and our society today in America. We need to pray for God to pour out the Spirit of God in the transformation of our lives, and the renewing of the mind so that we can be transformed. However, we’ll never have a chance to be transformed if my mind is not renewed. So you can argue that we are providing justification sanctification etc, and all these are good teachings and why are the peoples’ minds experience no renewal? Well, the simple answer is you can push all you want, however, if they don’t want to come to church, they’ll never hear. Even if they come, they may not receive it into the hearts. That’s why we need the Spirit of God, moving in a supernatural way. We need this supernatural move the Spirit of God.

And of course, the other problem of many charismatic churches is the love for the move in the Spirit of God, but they don’t have the doctrine of teachings the word of God for transform renewing of the mind sufficiently. Either way, we’re gonna miss the revival, we’re going to miss the move of God from that perspective. So the question is how much do we want the revival?

If you really want the revival, yeah, stop criticizing the move of the Spirit of God, and dwell in the presence of God and dive into the sovereignty of God, the beautiful bigness of God and the doctrine of teaching as well!

Trying to understand why would thousands of college students will flock into an auditorium, worshiping, singing, praying and listening to the word of God for 24 hours a day nonstop and for days and days. This is something truly phenomenal unheard of. What draws them there in the first place? When thousands and thousands of college are not interested to even to come to church. We have difficulty to fill 50 person room Space on Sunday morning let alone 5000 people flocking here and not wanting to leave! Not wanting to leave. There’s something to it. It’s called Spirit of God, working in the lives and is called revival.

While we study apologetics, study culture and philosophy, and systematic and biblical theology, they’re all good, however, without the move of the Spirit of God, this remains as a head knowledge and we bring no revival. Let’s be honest and real about this, the previous revivals of happened first with the Methodist Holiness, then, the Pentecostal, then really the college students now. You know it is really strategic for God to choose to revive to break out to college students, because it is precisely the same domain, demographic group that the devil has worked, penetrated it into their thinking through the professors and preaching the heresy on sexuality, heresy on abortions, heresy on Creation and Redemption substituting that by evolution. It’s hard to be a conservative, godly Christian in college campuses in America today, you have to face a whole lot of woke teachings that major on social justice (which is important) , and to the extent that, they paint themselves as the victim card and trying to get everything out of it in the name of emancipation in the picture of the Exodus narrative. However, Exodus narrative has come with the purpose of worshipping the Lord as God told Moses delivered Israel from Egypt and bring them out so that they can worship Him. Modern-day emancipation stories fight for racism, for sexuality, for anything major on emancipation and deliverance, but absolutely silent on to worship God. It is reductionistic and a heresy. Precisely they take God out of the equation they going to pay for it. No one mess around with the God.

We need and pray for the Revival. Gloria Yesus.

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God catches the wise in their craftiness

God catches the wise in their craftiness

One verse that I share with you the “Lord catches you’re the wise in their craftiness”.

1 Corinthians 3:18 Let no one deceive himself. If anyone among you thinks that he is wise in this age, let him become a fool that he may become wise. 19 For the wisdom of this world is folly with God. For it is written, “He catches the wise in their craftiness,”

Paul writes in the book of 1 Corinthian that if you think you’re wise in the world, if you think you’re wise in this age,  you know this age is this spirit of this age. It’s a craftiness, deceitfulness, evils, potting, anger, unforgiveness, murderous, self-centeredness and everything that is against the Spirit of God. If you think you’re wise in this age means you wise in the scheming, godlessness living for yourself life. The Bible says let him become a fool that they may become wise.

Paul says they you need to become a fool in this age so they become wise. Because what is foolish in this world, in the world, in the eyes of this carnal, worldly fleshly world is actually wise in the sight of God. That’s why you don’t have to worry about on what the world accuses us to be on the wrong side of history. Or they said that you are missing out, you know. You act weird. You act holy and piety, piety. You’re really against the culture of the world. The culture is saying let go, be authentic you, enjoy the authentic you ,enjoy the life you’ve got. You only got one life. Yeah. I don’t plan to bring myself to hell, that’s what that one life. But I plan to run a good race, receive my reward from your father in heaven. The eternal reward.

If you say this to be wise in this age, this is the catch. It means going to do what the world tells you. The trend, the trending of the of the culture. Everything the culture says that it’s, it’s contradictory to the wisdom of God. There’s some amount of common grace in this world. The virtues of this world, forgiveness, kindness, helpfulness and the gentleness. There are snippets here and there, you know, thank God this image of God is not thoroughly destroyed yet. We still some see some patches of them around. Thank God.

However, the overall scheme of things is horrible. So what Paul is saying, if you’re thinking you are wise in this age, if you’re thinking you’re cool and hip, you want to blend in with this society this age. Think again, he said. May I suggest you become foolish in their eyes, then you become wise. I’d rather be foolish in the eyes of the world and be wise in the eyes of God. Would you not want that? Or would you really want to be wise in the eyes of this age, this? Very  accepted among the friends, your friends and all this. But you are a fool in the sight of God for eternity, for eternity. Think about that. You know people who opt for the wisdom of this age.  They’re cowards. They’re just afraid of being missing out on their friends and losing the culture friends and all this. You know, they’re afraid they offend their friends, offend their spirit of the world, offend this age, the spirit of this age. See, this is what they’re saying.

If you think you are wise in this age, let you become a fool at this age so that you may become wise in God’s sight. Alright, so the only way to be wise in God’s sight is go against the culture of the world. That’s it. Because the culture of the world cannot satisfy you. You know it.

Worldly satisfaction is a very ephemeral way, temporal way, you know, but there’s no lasting footing and the fruits out of it. You know, I’ve heard stories like Christian young lady, there’s a shortage of young men in the church, young lady said, “ You know what, I’m go out to meet with young men outside, date them, and if they are nice and kind, if they allow me to be myself, you know? Accept me going to church, that’ll be fine. We can raise the family and I’ll pray for him. As long as he doesn’t stop me, go to church. So you plan to go to church alone and leave your husband at home and you got to fight off  for the kids to follow your church and leave at home half of your life? What kind of marriage is this? The two shall be one. And no, it’s not like the two shall be two. You can’t do that. You know this. This is a fool in the eyes of the Lord.

They’re trying to craft something to get you and the Lords plays along and catch them from behind. In the incident. Being tested by the Pharisees. When asked, “Rabbi, shall we pay tax to Caesar? Jesus replied give me a coin and he asked them, whose face is on the coin? They replied Caesar. Then Jesus said , “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and give to God what is God’s.” That shocked everybody what a brilliant answer. They thought they’re being crafty and we’ll get Jesus because if Jesus said give to Caesar, the Jews is going to blame him forgiving or supporting an occupier of the Jewish people, and if he said don’t give to Caesar, they will accuse him of studying a rebellion against Rome. But neither, Jesus caught them the wise in their craftiness.

This is what we need to experience more of God so that we can outplayed the world. The Bible says be innocent as a dove, but as shrewd it’s a serpent. The wisdom of God of the powers the world through the cross, when everybody loved laughed at the cross, mocked Jesus at the cross, just like the world mocks Christianity Today, Jesus will always have the last laugh.