Hope New York Church

Hope New York Church is special and unique to me. It’s the starting point of God’s call for me to plant churches in the Northeast. Back in March 2008, I heard a call from God to go to the Northeast to start a church while we were in Irvine, CA.  We were very happy and comfortable in Irvine, so it was extremely difficult for the family and I to move away from California and leave behind our community and dear friends. After months of struggling, we finally accepted God’s calling in our lives and cast away our selfish desires, moving across the country to Long Island, New York. Hope New York was founded in September 2008 with about 10 people. The church has grown and matured since then and we continue to experience God’s tremendous grace and love as He teaches, challenges, guides, uplifts, and strengthens us these one and a half years in New York. Not including the incredibly cold, freezing winter weather and the usual subway rush, life has just changed so much for my family and I, coming from the laid-back atmosphere and incredible weather of Southern California. No regrets, but only a heart of thanksgiving. I have been so incredibly blessed and stretched in ways I never imagined before, and I feel the sky is the limit for people who have the faith in God and persevere and willingly submit to God’s plan. Remember, in Christ all things are possible!

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