My Worship & Prayer Experience

After attending IHOP, I feel there is an input into my life in terms of passion and intimacy with Christ that I have not found before. The worship sessions moved my heart and I sensed a cry of my heart for God. Misty Edwards, Mat Gilman, etc are some of the worship leaders that have helped me much. We have so many of the songs by IHIOP and they are very enriching and empowering spiritually.

Last night we had a version of it in our prayer meeting, and indeed that was the best. We went right into the presence of God with our hearts crying for God. I sensed we touched the throne of God in some way. We prayed, but mostly we worshipped for and prayed for about 1.5 hours. It was a tremendous experience.

I believe prayer should not be cut and dry. It should be spontaneous and engaging. God must be in the center of it. A sense of us changed in prayers more than the requests we made! It’s true. We are changed by praying. Coming into the presence of God is liberating. Jesus said “Where the Spirit is, there is freedom.” I want more of God in my life. I want more of God’s presnece. I want to enjoy the presence of God more. We need to pray more.

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