Glorious Weekend Hope NY

Jesus Culture-Kim Walker….more powerful than HillSong …according to Eric Herbert . Very powerful song. Jesus Culturte is part of Bill Johnson church in CA.

Eric Herbert led a team of 7 white Canadians over the weekend and spent time with us. We had a fantastic prayer meeting last night from 8pm all the way to 12 mid night. Great worship and great time in the Holy Spirit!

This morning our Sunday service was undoubtedly one of the best. The presence of the Holy Spirit was strong & joy of the Lord was there. Jonathan …moved in tremendous prophetic anointing and prophecized over me, Beth, Sarah, even over a non Christian seeker. Amazingly accurate and presence of God was thick! It was sooo uplifting and we are HUNGRY O God! Truly God’s super abundance is on the way and what a way to start our new year 2011…being the 1st service for 2011!! We encountered the Lord this weekend!!!  
I am inviting them to join us in Aug NA Camp…and I want this young prophetic man from Canada to come and do prophecizing over men & women. Anointing is real!
Thank you LORD!!
I am excited for 2011!!

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