Why we must not preach shallow sermon?

It is impossible to build a superficial shallow worded church that is easily blown and tossed by the waves of the world. Why? because it’s disheartening and will not work in the long run, though in the short run, it may attract people. It is also disengaging when that happens, without going deep, there is not much impact. People’s lives are not changed. Not impacted. Not satisfying. People don’t feel fulfilled. It’s hollow. It’s shallow.

But we can do better. We must do better. Our people deserve that. The world needs that. We are reaching out to a broken world. It’s full of challenges. sometimes we forget how difficult it is, because we are kind of cocoon within a church culture that is somewhat disengaged from the world culture. That can’t penetrate into the culture of the world. We need a unique culture that will.

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