Holistic shepherding

Recently I started studying about the dynamics and significance of Holistic shepherding from the scriptures. It means looking after and caring for someone’s physical, emotional & spiritual condition. It’s only possibly done by a one-on-one shepherding, where one builds trust, chemistry, and comfort level. Relationally built to a level where you are accountable to someone in the group, and also to the leader above you.

I believe this shepherding system is highly attractive because too often, church is  only a big place for people to gather wihtout knowing the dynamics of the inner life from Monday to Saturday. We see small groups or cell groups during mid week meeting to supplmenet that and we have plenty of that examples in Acts 2. However, to exactly execute the shepherding that the bible talks about is one on one because people will open up more in one on one situation.  And this is very attractive to many folks in the city where people live in an individualistic world and community sense is fast disappearing. People feel lonely. People are under peer pressure to follow the trend and they are usually counter biblical.

Let’s arise and build a righteous shepherding church or community.

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