Intellectual Power & Faith & Power

I am out sick these 2 days from work staying at home. Feeling better now–from cold.

I therefore had a chance of more intense praying and reading the books that I should read and the bible more. As I was praying intensely to God this morning, alone, at home, I sensed God’s presence and I felt he spoke to me this: We need to build a church that has Tim Keller’s intellectual power to engage the skeptical and cynical world of New York city, and the faith and power movement teachings from our movement. That’s the kind of church that will propel us into 2012 and the next decade and beyond. This will be the power to reach the 15% of NYC population and hence change the culture of the city!  That revelation came as I was praying. It usually happens to me that way.
Praying for tipping Manhattan to God, we need commitment to be involved. 

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