My 1st Gordon Conwell MA Class June 2013

I had my 1st session Introduction to Theological studies. Amazingly the professor is a pentecostal. We had great conversations about the Pentecostal theologians…Reformed form about 95-99% of the theologians & thinkers of America today or the world!! Wow! Pentecostal theologians is like the new kid in the block like one pastor quipped to me. Where have we been?? I wonder? So I am glad I enrolled in Gordon Conwell with a good diversity mix. 

About 12 students in my class, amazingly I think all are of pentecostal background, how about that for Gordon Conwell. It ranks top 5 in the US among evangelical seminaries ..Trinity, Fullers, Westminster, Gordon Conwell… what a blessings.

Reformed charismatics or Reformed Pentecostal is a rare combination. Jonathan Edwards will be one. haha! 🙂
I am beginning to to be connected to the theologians & think there is a lot of future. American Academy of Religion is a must for us to join! Check it out!
I have to write a paper of 10-15 pages by Aug 30. Theses is “Church’s solution to ___problem/issue in our local community . I am thinking of loneliness, depression, emptiness, ….any ideas, pls throw me one. 🙂
Thanks Denis, Kwong Lie & Chai being my referees.

Good morning from NYC! Summer is here!! 80F

Good morning from NYC! Summer is here!! 80F in NY! Some updates & prayers!
Doreen, Sarah, rachel & I dad a great time in Kingdom Prayer training the last 2 days conducted by:    from Grace Vancouver Church. William-check it out! They conduct Kingdom Prayer all over the world. It’s a prayer training that focuses on the Kingdom & not personal laundry list. Great stuff! We prayed through the Lord’d Prayer & broke it down into various prayers!! Very scripture based. Speaker John Smed is Presby-Costal!! 🙂  Presybeterian & Pentecostal. Wow! About time!
I am also thankful & excited to be admitted the renowned Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary for MA Religion, which is also transferable to MDiv later. 
MA under Hispanic Ministries which make it affordable for minsters full time or bi-vocational like me.
Prayer requests:
1) Reaching to grad students Columbia University-Chinese students group; meeting the para church (InterVarsity) leader Monday to have them come to our saturday night service. Big harvest! One PhD student has come to our church now.
2) B’s reaching out and inviting King’s College NYC freshmen to come to our church September. (B from Hope LA). Exciting-these are mostly white Christian students from the mid-west. Middle class christians.
3) Praying to move again! Yes! Freaked out my kids. But alas, what can I say, the incarnation model is calling. Our focus will be Columbia U on the Upper West side and the young professionals. Move only in September or later. After our son Paul gone to college this end August. Kids are growing fast! Pray for God to open the door & also able to move out of our 2 years lease in Forest Hills.