My 1st Gordon Conwell MA Class June 2013

I had my 1st session Introduction to Theological studies. Amazingly the professor is a pentecostal. We had great conversations about the Pentecostal theologians…Reformed form about 95-99% of the theologians & thinkers of America today or the world!! Wow! Pentecostal theologians is like the new kid in the block like one pastor quipped to me. Where have we been?? I wonder? So I am glad I enrolled in Gordon Conwell with a good diversity mix. 

About 12 students in my class, amazingly I think all are of pentecostal background, how about that for Gordon Conwell. It ranks top 5 in the US among evangelical seminaries ..Trinity, Fullers, Westminster, Gordon Conwell… what a blessings.

Reformed charismatics or Reformed Pentecostal is a rare combination. Jonathan Edwards will be one. haha! 🙂
I am beginning to to be connected to the theologians & think there is a lot of future. American Academy of Religion is a must for us to join! Check it out!
I have to write a paper of 10-15 pages by Aug 30. Theses is “Church’s solution to ___problem/issue in our local community . I am thinking of loneliness, depression, emptiness, ….any ideas, pls throw me one. 🙂
Thanks Denis, Kwong Lie & Chai being my referees.

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