Praying for 2014 Harvest

This is December 2013, Christmas bell is ringing and 2014 is just round the corner. We are going to believe God for great harvest coming.

As we move into 2014, harvest awaits us but something has to change in our group. 2014 will be a crucial year for us and me.

Can you pray for hope New York church as we are going to start biweekly dinner cum short gospel sharing outreach meetings starting this Sunday? This is new which I learnt from my incubator course. Pretty radical .
Kick off this Christmas meal December 22. After that we will review and plan for biweekly outreach example Chinese New Year and new students intake in jan . Need a lot of prayer because we don’t have enough man power and contacts. Work is difficult and challenging.

Also starting a core team training and planning group weekly with prayers teaching and communion and offerings . Teaching rich gospel centered theology for internal transformation with grace and outreach focused and challenge . (No more Sunday or sat service, no church service until we launch with 40-50 people). Learnt that having service with less than 20 people does not retain Americans . We need to be good and ready to launch .

We are starting our weekly fast and a core group weekly brain storm and sharing and teaching cum prayer that’s closed group.
Thanks for praying and u appreciate that.

In God we trust

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