Reformed teaching & charismatic power

Reading Tim Keller’s article, something resonated in my soul:

  1. Pentecostalism/Charismatics  I believe that charismatic combined with reformed theology teaching is going to be the torch-bearer of the revival in America as well going forward just like the worldwide body in Asia, Latin America, Africa with pentecostalism. Its most multi-ethnic group, multiracial, fastest growing block of christianity. (Isn’t that’s what we are all talking about especially in NYC about diversity, and the rest?)  However, it needed a little more than just that as there is a lot of bad theology and prosperity doctrines all wound up in pentecostals or charismatics, unfortunately.  In America, we definitely need a more orthodoxy to anchor in with the power of the Holy Spirit. Some glaring examples: Like In America we talk so much about diversity, in Asia/S America/Africa, they just do it and it happens. Any wonder in the day of the Pentecost, God revealed the multi language, multi ethnic/culture church!! The first church in human history was revealed on the day of Pentecost in the book of Acts, with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to the birth of the first church. That’s not a coincidence, that’s the providence of God. It sends a signal on how the Lord wants the end time church to look like. It must not be void of power & miracles. The problem with great teachings of America shaping the culture, intellectuals, still come short of the vital real renewal/revival that we all long for. Like Keller said correctly, our country is in a crisis, political, family, academics, liberals have swept across the nation. 

There is a sweep of pentecostal revival. In America, a combination of reformed teaching with the power of charismatic demonstration of the gifts of the Spirit is going to resonate across America. Praying we will arise. 

2) Student movement

Tim Keller said “If you’re on a college campus, you’re on the culture’s cutting edge. [The campus] is our best leadership development pipeline. By exposing people to the cutting edge of culture where they have to deal with the modern mindset, where they have to deal with non-Christians — that is the best way to develop pastors and lay leaders”

I have been raising students from campuses and eventually becoming pastors and leaders of the church. I strongly echo that, and that’s why we will reach out to campuses passionately. Starting to meet at W72 st, Upper west side. Welcoming all Columbia students!

Keller and Duncan: A More Relevant PCA?


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