Sanctuary city

There are numerous problems with that article in Huffington post. The bible in OT (old testament) or Torah in Jewish definitely says reaching out to the poor and help them and also those who are immigrants for once you were immigrants and exiles. The sanctuary context here in America is providing shield to those illegal immigrants (not refugees) and also those who committed crimes as refuge from deportation. That’s all wrong and the Torah or OT of bible doesn’t teach that. On the second point of Sodom which was destroyed by God’s fire in Torah & OT bible: That article flippantly quoted “Various exegesis expanded..” saying the Sodomites ‘s laws allowed them to mistreat and rob strangers with impunity. Where is that from? No one has the right nor authority to simply “expand” holy scriptures at will to suit their agenda. That’s definitely not in the bible nor Torah. To use opinions from outside Torah and add to God’s word, is heresy and dangerous. And using that premise to say that Sodom was destroyed by God due to their robbing and mistreating strangers is totally false and not biblical or not Torahish. What’s clear from Torah is that the homosexuals of Sodom city’s depraved behavior demanded Lot to release the 2 men (happened to be angels) for them to have sex with them. That’s the finality that pushed the trigger for God to wipe them out. Read Torah.

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