My Reflection on “How to Stay Christian in Seminary”-as I started Seminary

My Reflection on “How to Stay Christian in Seminary”

One of the first things that hits me as I read this book is the statement that we should approach our studies devotionally. This encourages me and enlightens me a lot as I embark this journey of seminary MABS studies. I have heard of student’s failure spiritually after years M.Div. program in seminary. To me this is really so important for us all to carry that mentality and attitude and constantly remind ourselves as we dig into deeper into more Greek memorization, thick books reading and grasping of concepts. I also like the words that say the study may start to be dry and trying in the midst of our business, but when the theology of the bible begins to come together in our minds, when we start to see the overall shape of it, our academic study will feed our souls. This will be definitely my goal that this pursuit of knowledge will not just remain at “knowledge “ level, but it will begin to feed my soul.

One of the things I also love is that we are about the glory of God. And the fact that God glorifies himself by communicating himself. He showcases his ways. I see this as an integrating factor between my academic seminary studies and seeing and knowing the glory of God in a deeper & more profound way. Because the theology I learnt should unlock some of the riches of whom He is for me to appreciate and personalize it, so that the glory of Jesus can be displayed and delighted in my life.

Finally, I love it when it says, “if you articulate good doctrines, if you are somehow unsettled by God’s mystery, somehow overcome by his greatness, it’s probably because you have domesticated him.” That’s like you see the beauty of God, and come away untouched or unsettled by the beauty and greatness of God. I fear the word “domesticated God”, because we may have a lot of knowledge of him, but if are not touched in our hearts, we will always remain dry and limited because he is ‘small’ in our sight. In reality, he is the awesome God that transcends any of our imagination, and I pray that this seminary study is a journey that will help us to capture that more and more in our hearts and souls.

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