Prophecy & Tongues

I am reading Perspectives on Pentecost by Dr. Richard Gaffin as part of my seminary class. I want to dispute numerous points on this subject: and the list will grow I am sure, as I am in my busy schedule on reading more books needed by this month.

Pg 77- 1 Cor 14: 14, 32 v2-“the one who speaks in a tongue….speaks mysteries by the Spirit.” “Because the anthropological spirit is excluded in verse 14 and 32, the reference here is likewise is likely not to the human spirit, but, as is more likely on other grounds anyway, the Holy Spirit.”

v14 For if I pray in a tongue, my spirit prays but my mind is unfruitful.—my spirit here is My spirit. Not the Holy Spirit.

32 The spirits of prophets are subject to the control of prophets.—-spirits” here is the prophets spirits. NOT Holy Spirit.

This is clear.

Charismatics friends should read the last paragraph. “It’s true that charismatics belief in the Holy Spirit as a powerfully present reality, not just a doctrine, protest against intellectualism in theology and formation in the worship and  life of the church, intense prayer and praise, stress in cultivating relationships among believers, and a more intimate fellowship within the church.”-R Gaffin. Through my last decades in charismatics church I can say the protest against intellectualism is true and it’s real sad and even grieving in itself to the Spirit and we lost so much heritage in the truth that the spiritual fathers have carried before us like Augustine, Luther. I will write more in my blog. Lots of teachings I disagree with Gaffin, but this strikes at me as a real awakening call. #pentecost #charismatics More to come……

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