Theistic Evolution

John Piper has a very good teaching on this very important subject albeit very challenging as we pit Bible Vs science ie. evolution as necessitated by the argument from our scientific driven society that was started in the Enlightenment age in the 19th century. A lot of Christians are not even bothered about this subject, and ask why? Pastors rarely touched on it too, but the liberals including the liberal Christians and scholars have a swinging time knocking down our creation narrative, and replacing it with evolution with books and talks. To me, this is very troubling and disturbing, and definitely needs to be examined and taught well so our folks in churches will respond well to the outside world, especially with our kids in schools facing evolution syllabus and books.

Tim Keller in a talk in TGC that scientists had concluded humans cannot be all from a single set of parents, ie Adam & Eve genetically. They are supposed to be from a group of homosapiens in the sub-Sahara desert in Africa. Now my question is, genetically where do these group of “early fathers” in Africa come from? The early group of humans in Africa can’t be direct creation from God or evolution from Garden of Eden?

Piper has taught that theoretically it is possible that God used evolution to create the mankind and animals called Theistic Evolution. Exegetically, you can’t reconcile that to the death of one man, brought death to the one man, etc. To believe in the historical Adam, it’s impossible to believe in Theistic Evolution. Hermeneutically, with the historical Adam & Eve, and that God breathed into the first man’s nostrils to give him life, this doesn’t compute with the billions of years to develop mankind. Looking at the spider coming out of the pond, with its ability to make web for its offspring, the question is such intricacy & complexity ability, where do they come from? Theistic evolution is a no go.

Just because Galileo made a mistake claiming from the bible that the earth is flat, does not mean science has triumphed over the bible. I would say Galileo made an exegetical mistake. Sola Scriptura.

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