Doing what you want for God or doing what God wants you to do for him

As I prayed this morning, I got a sense of this. There is a difference between what you want to do for God and what God’s will for you to do. The problem is I put in what I want to do for God, maybe it’s self ambition , what I want to do, and what makes it spiritual is the words ‘for God’. But if you think about it, God may not want what you desire to do that even though you use it for God. Because that’s only a label, and anyone can do that. But it’s more important for me to humble myself and submit myself to God to do what God wants.

That brings up another problem, so we don’t know what God wants even though I could be dreaming of doing something great for God. How about I start doing nothing, does that please God? Because that will ensure I don’t drift off to my wonderland, trying to fill in what I want to do and asking God to fulfil it. But that doesn’t work either, because being dormant is bad too.

So this is a dilemma. I need to know God’s will first before exploring it? But most of the time we don’t know. All we can do is to pray and have a sense of God’s leading, and then put our heart into it and God will adjust it, or bless it, or reject it, and we will know for sure after a while. If it’s a status quo, we are moving into a mode of waiting, a time of maturing. Like Moses spent 40 years in the wilderness, can someone tell me exactly what he did? Did he continue to dream big for God? He was consumed with a passion to save his people, the Jewish people. Bravo to him, and he was humbled for 40 years in the wilderness looking after sheep in the cold or hot in the wilderness, a pretty lonely job, and also a non glamor job. But God came back to him and this time, it really happened, God called him out of a burning bush to deliver his people Israel out of Egypt. He was frightened, and insisted he can’t do it, he is slow of speech. What the heck? Where is the Moses who was brash, strong, young, even impulsively not able to wait to deliver Israel from the slavery to Pharaoh? He is a completely different man now, after 40 years in waiting. God will deliver in his time, in his way, and what I see here is God completely took out the pride, glamor of the Prince of Egypt and transplanted him to be a humble Jewish shepherd to do the job. Interesting thing is, it’s still the same man. Nothing has changed outside, but the inside of that man has changed drastically. God didn’t give up on Moses. I am not sure what went on on Moses.  But the fact that God came back and called Moses after that 40 years, is astonishing. If you look at the history, God called Abraham out of nowhere. God called David out of nowhere. ELijah, Elisha, Joshua, it goes on. You can only say it’s the sovereign will of God. He calls and equips at his will, and his only.

Conclusion: Our satisfaction in life is to do his calling, and we will know as we are in it. Do not fret, be patient, and follow him and love him with all our hearts, minds, souls. Amen.

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