Christ’s Reign in times of Evil Oppositions & Plots

Our Presidential Election in America today is nothing short of dramatic, stunning, breadth, plots, twists and turns. It continues to hold every body’s breath in check, with now lawsuits coming against the frauds that have taken place in the national election from Michigan, PA, Georgia, etc. This reminds me so much of these verses when my wife and I prayed together just a couple of nights ago.

Psalm 2:1 Why do the nations rage and the peoples plot in vain?    The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord and against his Anointed, saying,    “Let us burst their bonds apart and cast away their cords from us.”

God looks down from heaven and laughed at the plotting of men, even the kings or the powerful politicians plotting, taking counsel together against the Lord. This is written by David, and he takes the position prophetically of himself at that time, and prophesized about the Lord Jesus some 2000 years later, when Pharisees plotted to kill Jesus in Jerusalem. God laughed from heaven when God sees that. And God’s response is that God has set his King on Zion, my holy hill.

Nations rage and plot against David

No one can touch him. In fact, no one can match his confidence. With the amount of opposition that went against him, the nations raged and plotted against him, the kings and rulers took council against him. Doesn’t that remind you of what’s going on in the US presidential election today? If it’s another person, he would have abdicated, killed, thrown out. But David persevered, and won victories after victories. Remember as Christians in this culturally hostile world towards our faith like in the US especially, we got to know that oppositions and relabeling of our faith is not uncommon. Our universities are full of professors teaching our children stuff that lean towards liberal and the left, kicking God out of our syllabus. In the name of separation of church and state, they have gone overboard, and indeed far beyond, called not separation, but removal of any divine presence of God in our nation. The original separation of church and the state was applied and used for the separation of Catholic church and the state or government as the church became so corrupt in Europe in 1833. It was meant to remove the political power in the hands of those corrupt bishops, in fact such luxurious wealth came into the church that actually killed the spiritual life of the church. But that separation act was not meant to say there is no God, only separation of church and the state. IN fact, not separation of the state and God! But that’s what is actually used in our days in schools unfortunately, and very sadly. It’s dark. And our community has become so used to that idea, so much so that we can’t even mention God in our workplace, because that won’t be tolerant anymore. In fact we can talk about pretty much anything else, but not God. It’s been thrown out.

We must stand strong and firm in Christ. The secret of David’s strong faith in Yahweh our God is his daily intimate worship and outpouring of his heart to God in the most amazing way. Check out Psalms.

David’s Source of Confidence

David faced so much oppositions and enemies who all tried to kill him, including being pursued by his own son Absalom, who actually successfully made David fled for his life with his small army. In times like those he cried out to God with all his heart, and puts all his destiny in the hands of Almighty God. Reading Palms’ you will see that he always writes that God is his refuge, his fortress of protection, and many others, and I meditate on them regularly in fact daily in my daily devotions with God. Every time I faced hardship, oppositions in life, I called upon the Lord and meditate upon God as my refuge and my fortress too. I always find God’s amazing faithfulness and his steadfast love, two of the most frequently mentioned attributes of God in Psalms.

In Psalm 2, David identified himself completely with God. He was not driven by his self-ambition to be king, in fact, he had no idea and was not looking to be King, when God called him through prophet Samuel to be anointed as the king of Israel taking over from the rebellious rotten king Saul who had grieved God.

The source of David’s absolute confidence in his throne is that his kingship is by divine appointment. He is called by God, and he knows it. You know if you serve God with your own ambitions, you will never go far, and will be disappointed. But if you are called by God in your ministry, nothing will be able to stop you. Our God is divine, transcendent, and sovereign. He appoints, and he removes. He is the eternal King of the Universe.

David speaks of the ultimate eternal King, Christ

Psalm 2 talks about the nations plot against his Anointed. That Anointed is he himself at that time, but eventually that is a prophecy pointing to the ultimate eternal King, our Lord Jesus Christ when he died on the cross, redeemed mankind, established his Kingdom forever and ever. David’s kingdom is temporary, but Jesus’s Kingdom is forever and ever. Remember that all that we work on is temporary on earth, but if we work on the spiritual sense, in God’s calling, we labor for the eternity. Jesus said, “Labor not for the temporary, but for food that lasts for eternity. ” Our presence in this world is but for a short while, and we will all be gone. But God’s Kingdom is eternal.

We have this hope of spending our eternity with Christ and heavenly Father for eternity. That’s the hope that we, Christians, will not trade with anyone or any temptations in this world. So be strong, the King is coming back, and He will, to judge the world, and to take his glorious throne for all eternity ruling and reigning.


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