Progressive Christianity

Progressive Christianity seems docile, modern, and even cute, on the surface and appealing to many especially the millennials, but in reality its subtle and deceptive and dark. One of the most lethal weapons of anti-Christ in this 21st century, amongst other looming threats like LBGT facing our society, is the label of Christians called “Progressive Christianity”. They used to be called “Liberal Christianity”, but now, as they are apt to creative re-labelling, called themselves as “Progressive Christians”. How about that? Names that make them sound more sophisticated, harmless, progressive in thinking unlike the old fashioned? By calling themselves by that name, they implicitly called everyone that’s conservative to be “old fashioned”, out of date. Essentially there is a whole bunch of innocent naïve Christians in the millennial generation in particular, to think it’s fashionable to be part of this Progressive Christian label. This has done immense harm and damage to the young millennial generation, because they were sucked into it, and relabeled by the culture of today’s instead of defined by the Bible.

So, what are they? Dr Michael Kruger , my seminary RTS professor who taught me Gospels in my MABS class, wrote a simple succinct article on it.

I will pen below my thoughts on them on the three headings from Kruger’s article.

Progressive Christianity Has a Low View of Christ

Progressives teach that Jesus is not the divine Son of God, but merely a good moral example for us to follow. They humanize a divine God to fit their worldview and convenience. It much better fits their agenda. I think one of the main reasons they downgraded Jesus from God to human is that they can’t cope with the divinity, glory, power of Jesus, and they can’t reconcile themselves with the science of today. But I believe the main reason they reject Jesus as God, but merely a good moral teacher, very much like a guru like Buddha etc., is because they can’t keep up with the holiness of Jesus. Jesus said, “Be Holy, because I am holy”. That’s hard for them to swallow. Their lifestyle doesn’t allow them to be holy, and to justify their insistence of still keeping their lifestyle in their carnal depraved desire, they downgraded Jesus, so that Christianity will not confront them. They created an idol in their lives, that they can accept, and listen to, because they are their god. Jesus is a convenient side kick almost like a decoration so to qualify themselves as Christians. That’s the genesis of a Progressive Church. Along with that, the package usually comes with the sexuality that’s the number 1 issue in this progressive Christianity. LBGTQ is now accepted, because they just knocked Jesus out of his throne of the divine holiness, so no one will question them or confront them anymore on this. They could still hold on to the many “good” and acceptable teachings of Jesus like helping the poor, feeding the hungry, building a just and fair society, their slogan for a socialist society. That’s why they exactly fit into what Jesus says, “They honor me with their mouths, but their hearts are far away from me.” Jesus even said, at the end time, those who say “Lord, Lord, didn’t we cast out demons in your name? Didn’t we pray and teach in your name?” Jesus replied them, “I don’t know you, get far away from me”. Into hell they go.

That’s the biggest farce that continually deceives the Christendom, and the at large the society who’s clueless, just exactly who is the church? Who are the real Christians? Obviously they would flow better with the progressive Christians. We call ourselves not just as conservative, but we call ourselves as orthodox. In my mind, orthodoxy is far more important and significant than conservative. I have a blog called God Centered Orthodoxy.

Progressive Christianity Is Focused on Moralism, Not Salvation

Moralistic Christianity will crush you in trying to get to heaven. No one can try on their own efforts and strength to get into heaven. There is no way. No one comes to the Father except through me, Jesus said. He also said, “I am the truth, the life, and the way”. He is not a way to God. He is the way. There is no other way. Jesus didn’t come to teach you to do good. He has done the good (which you could never do) to qualify you to go to heaven. The first Adam failed. The second Adam, Jesus Christ, picked it up and triumphed! hallelujah! All you need to do now is to believe in him and accept his redemption on the cross for you, and give your life to Jesus. You don’t try to hit the mark by being moralistic, because you can’t measure up, and eventually you will be crushed, if you are honest.

 Progressive Christianity Downplays Our Fallenness

That’s the belief that you are really not that bad. In your core, you are a good person. They downplay the word ‘sin’. Because of that, humanism comes in again. You don’t really need a savior to lift you up. You can essentially be a good person and go to heaven by your own kindness etc. But that’s not what the bible says, we are so depraved, that every yearning in our heart leans to darkness, leans to sin. Our selfishness, rebellion toward our God, wanting to rule and reign in our own lives, and the lust in us, all these have shred us into pieces. You don’t have to go far, but just read the news headlines daily, and you see the acts of darkness all over the world, all the time.

We need a savior completely. We can’t save ourselves. God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son to come to die for us to redeem us. The story of the most beautiful love ever shown.


Beware of them. Know your stand in Christ, and be strong. Expose them, and snatch others to the kingdom of God.

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