The Absoluteness and Personalness of our God–Apologetics Argument

The most helpful to me is the doctrine of God in His being in the absoluteness and personalness of God as the gridline for our worldview. This also relates to the Simplicity and Aseity of God.

Matter and energy themselves are not the most fundamental, the first, and the basic constituents of all reality. They are part of the creation of a personal God who proceeds and exceeds them. First our God himself is not reducible or anything more basic than God. (Watkin) God is the first causation of everything. There is nothing external to him that caused his existence. God is self-defining, self-authenticating. All existences in the world come from Him, and He is the eternal being that is the first cause of all realities.

To me, that’s a powerful message, because the secular world’s ideas of evolutionary progression of mankind essentially can reduce us humanity to mere elements. But God is the one who gives us meaning, dignity in life, as man and woman created in the image of God. Not of elements! In other words, God of Christianity is absolute, meaning self-existent, self-sufficient, and self-contained, not relying on anything outside of himself for his existence, and also fundamentally, not able to be broken down into more basic parts. Van Til calls that God is dependent upon nothing beyond his own being.

The  principles of truth, goodness, or beauty are to be thought as identical with God’s being; they are the attributes of God. In other words, there is no principles of goodness, kindness, beauty that is next to God or above God, because they are part of God’s attributes. (Watkin)

All these demonstrate the absolutes of God that clearly defines the origination of the cosmos that makes sense, because there is just no way to drill back any further than God himself in our search for the question, “Where do we all come from?” And the question of such irreducibleness and absoluteness of God.

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