Christian Nationalism Replaced by Christ’s Kingdom

Reading the Christian hospitality and Muslim migration book by Matthew Kaemingk. An intriguing book it’s part of my apologetics class and it’s interesting in the book he analyzed the rationale of nationalism which is kind of a big word specially in America now, even mentioned that with the rise and fall of right wing politicians who wanted to stop Muslim immigrants. They want to bring the ideology in line with American values especially the previous administration.

In Europe there’s a reaction to incidents of terrorists radicalized Muslims in Europe. Clearly, so it’s a very intriguing talking about how Christians can practice hospitality and to welcome them to honor their rights.

First and foremost the idea of Christian nationalism really comes from the Old Testament which is a theocracy when God is the King seriously now that God has the power to dethrone and appoint new king. So if you look at the dynasty of David for example King David and Israel and Judah and all this you can see clearly that God is very intimately connected to the administration and the running of the nation of Judah and Israel and is a very direct intervention by the prophetic words of prophets etc on the running on the political scene of the nation of that time. That was like you know 3000 years ago or so but now this is very different as our society does not have a theocracy, but we practice a democracy because that democracy we elect political leaders etc. to run the country. Very much like that the time of Paul, Peter James and John though there was no really democracy at that time but theocracy is out of the question as well.

So to bring that Christian nationalism into the country is a misrepresentation of Christianity now because there’s really important directly from the Old Testament which is no more the case. God is not the king of this world now though that eternal Kingdom is in the process but the geopolitical Kingdom our God is not the king but he will be the eternal king encompassing the geopolitical in the consummation of the age but now he’s not! Because of that we cannot introduce and push Christian nationalism and the way to do this is really how Christ becomes the answer for the problems today in this world politically and culturally. And what the cultural thinkers calling pluralism how does pluralism work? For example Jesus said love thy neighbors as yourself as one of the commandments.

Who’s your neighbor?  Jesus gave a parable of the Good Samaritan. A Jewish man was robbed and wounded on the road and the Pharisee walked past did nothing . it was a Samaritan man who passed by and he just stopped and he took care of him. He helped him out and brought him to the hotel and then in the hotel in the hotel he brought oil to treat the fellow and told the hotel guy to look after this guy until his healing. And he told the hotel man that  all this expenses will be on him and he left the place. This is a quite stunning.  This is a total stranger and you have to understand at that time Samaritans are outcast to the Jewish people. Jewish people do not even mingle with them don’t talk or eat with them. Here Jesus chose to show the reverse psychology show how you should love the people who are different ideologically from you and it was the Samaritan who was despised by the Jewish people actually went out to help the Jewish man injured on the road. It was the pharisee Jewish pharisee who knows Torah well and did nothing but just passed right this Jewish injured man on the road. So what is Jesus trying to tell us is  we are to reach out to our neighbors and even people we look down or we look up to. Or people with a very different ideological cultural even religiously.

This is this is a huge contrast from the days of old in the Old Testament when God commanded the kings of Israel totally annihilate the philistines and all this Edomites and all these people who were worshipping the false gods sacrificing children to idols. God told them to go and wipe them out kill them. If you take that you will see that God is basically saying that those people who bring the false God, wipe them out but here comes Jesus , he totally changed everything and the reason he can change everything is because he fulfilled the wiping out of enmity between people have different of the false idols false gods in the Old Testament sense of the word. The reason that Jesus can ask us to reach out to all these people who seemingly would definitely worship a different God even there’s a lot of darkness involved and not to wipe them up like in the Old Testament is because Jesus himself took upon himself the wiping out and upon himself on the cross when he was annihilated ,murdered. He paid the price and therefore the common grace is like going to steroid!  

Therefore we Christians don’t do that anymore like a theocracy time as Christ changed everything and the reason he can change everything is because he fulfilled the requirement of the Old Testament.

There is the phenomenal understanding we must get hold of, and without getting hold of that, we will end up acting like Old Testament Christians thinking that with theocracy pumping our fists under nationalism!  There is no nationalism and our faith is in Christ not in our nation, not in America or any country. We follow our God and therefore we are called to extend hospitality and loving to all people different kinds different from us even with different God. We are called spread the good news through the gospel with them. However,  if any of those people like in the book said that caused terrorism and all this violent crimes, that will be a judicial issue to take care of them and to bring them to task .

To enforce a policy that will help that enforcement is really complex that will be another time but now I just want to say why we are treating very differently because of Christ because Christ took all the punishments for the philistines for the Philistines & others . When God called Joshua to annihilate every one of them every single one of them even women ,even kids so it was so brutal and dark. So we ask why? Just wanted you guys understand if there’s no judgment of God, if there’s no hell, he ceases to be God as justice cannot be fulfilled because as a God of justice the Simplicity of God means the Aseity (Self Sufficiency) of God means his character and his actions are one together. There’s no difference whatever he says, happens, there’s no potentiality and actuality for him for God is. (The Great I AM).  He doesn’t just love, he’s love! So that’s a quick synopsis of that I talk to you some other time the Lord bless you. 

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