Disobedience comes from unbelief in God & Obedience comes from belief in God

One of  the greatest statements I’ve learned from my theology professor, is that disobedience really comes from unbelief in God. And obedience comes from belief in God.

Now this is profound, because it explains the underlying reason why a Christian disobeys God and why a Christian obeys God. You see the reason why Eve disobeyed God when she was tempted by the devil, is because she had unbelief in God. It’s not that she or any one of us  disobey for rebellious sake. She disobeyed because she doubted the goodness of the Lord as prompted and tempted by the devil whether God had the best for her. Devil tempted Eve and counter questioned her that if she took the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil she will be like God. At that moment of time, Eve was really flirting with the counteroffer, temptation from the serpent, immediately brushed aside the command of the Lord. By doing that, she postured herself immediately  to make a decision to believe the devil’s half-truth or to believe God’s absolute truth but which requires belief and trust in Him no matter what. Our trust in God cannot be questioned or swayed by half-truths offer, or any sort. Because that fundamentally puts us in a questioning God mode. God gives all of himself in Christ Jesus to us, and therefore He expects and demands a total commitment of a bride relationship to a groom kind of a relationship, like in Revelation’s church is a bride to Christ!

You see the disobedience of Eve came from not believing in God not believing in the goodness of the Lord not trusting fully in the Lord, and therefore being swayed by the lies or half lies of the devil. It was tempting for her to want to be like God. Because God was silent about. This idea is foreign to Eve, and it’s like it came from nowhere. The reality is that it came from Satan, the father of lies. It is Satanic! God simply say don’t eat that and if you eat that you will die. So God expects Eve to trust in him. Eve and Adam really must trust in him even though they may not have the full knowledge of it. That will be the same for us all. Sometimes, we may not understand everything, and yet it is precisely that produces a childlike trust in God. Thats why Jesus said “Unless you become like one of these little ones, you cant enter the kingdom of God.”

Whatever it is obedience comes from faith in God in Christ. Without faith in Christ every one of us will be swayed with temptations in the world by the lies of the devil and our own flesh weaknesses. It’s time to deal with our own flesh and by putting all our trust in Christ! You see if Eve put all her trust in God, that question temptation from the devil to eat the fruit and become like God will never move Eve. Will never sway her mind because she trusts in God’s goodness. Though she may not know or understand everything but she should trust God and that’s what we should be.

Now comes to Adam. He  really is the one should take the lead but he completely failed. That conversation narrative of the failure of Eve was completely driven by Eve and Adam seemed to be the follower of his wife. That is most disheartening, heartbreaking, when the man fails in his leadership over the marriage relationship. Seriously never marry a weak man who doesn’t believe or trust in the goodness of the Lord.

I want to urge everyone to really develop your faith in God by meditating upon the word of God day and night, and you would be like tree planted by rivers of life just like in Psalm 1. The Lord bless you.

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