Bonhoeffer Digest

Bonhoeffer wrote on Christ’s response towards the harvest is due to his compassion for the sheep without shepherd, harassed and helpless, (Matt 9:36-37), stirs my heart. Very often we wanted to avoid labelling evangelism as the need of the lost souls, but rather as obedience to the Great Commission somehow under the predestination of God. Also, we see in Manhattan how the intellectuals emphasize the contemporary thoughts of the secularized West, and how we need to mobilize our apologetics philosophical arguments to “sink” into the minds of those intellectual educated city folks, and I agree we need that, but our primo basis for such action to evangelize must be the compassion for the lost! They are harassed and helpless and like sheep without shepherds! I believe this motivation should fire up folks in church far more, and definitely in line with what the Lord does. Also, I notice reading the Matt 9:36-37 context, I noticed that Jesus was proclaiming the gospel of the Kingdom and also healing the sick. I believe healing the sick, physically, spiritually, emotionally are all definitely part of the harvest works. Reformed churches will do well without rejecting healing.

Cheap grace is the justification of sin without the justification of the repentant sinners. It is the grace that we bestow on ourselves. –That’s so true when man made grace that we bestow upon ourselves, like we have an idol, when we imagine the kind of God we want in our minds. That exist in many people’s minds, Christians and non-Christians. It’s the forgiveness without repentance, I believe that’s the huge cause of what’s the nominal Christianity in church today, and a spiritual disease that slows down the growth and sanctification in so many Christians today. And it goes without saying, discipleship is conveniently dropped via cheap grace.

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