From Hindu to Christ

Just watched a Tiktok on a short video on From Hindu to Christ by a young Indian man from London searching for God. He became a Hindu priest swami at 19, when he flew to Mumbai to meet the gurus there to be trained. After a month or so, while there, he heard an unspoken voice on his left ear saying , “Are you sure you made the right decision?”. Rattled, he began to search more. As he read and studied the Hindu book, he got more confused. He asked more questions to the Guru, but they couldn’t answer him well! To the point , finally, they told him, just get on with your journey, and you will find the truth in the Hindu god.

But he became more restless, as he couldn’t get the answers from the gurus that he was supposed to be following. Few months later, he flew back to London. He flew to Rome like 17 times to visit the churches there because he just loved the peace, tranquility and the architecture of them.

In London one time as he was walking along the road, he entered a library. In the library, he saw a children’s bible. He picked it up and read, to his awe, he found everything is opposite of what he learnt from Hindu and seems to resonate in his soul. He was afraid and quickly put it down.

His mind went through the things he read, and the fear of losing his friends if he rejected Hinduism.

Finally, he passed by a church in Kensington temple in London, and he walked into the church. Once he walked in there, he felt such a presence of God came upon him, and the same voice spoke to his left ear saying “You are home”. He repented of his sins and received Christ into his life.

A genuine sincere authentic search for God by an Asian Indian man in a Western society.

Enjoyed it! Praying for all my Indian friends to come to know the love and glory and power of Christ!

Wow check this video out. This Hindu man searching for God!

Part 1

Part 2 

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