Sexual revolution hitting Churches & Our Response

The word of God is explicitly clear on the sexuality given by God in Genesis 1 when God created Adam & Eve in God’s image.

Genesis 1:26–27 (NIV)

26 Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.” 27 So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

Great interview talk by Carl Truman on sexuality. My reflection on this most important development that has wrecked many split churches & denominations and caused untold heartache to families and young people. May God arise and scatter our enemies.

God created us in his image.

Human beings are defined by their sexual desires, the birthing of the sexual revolution

Al Ngu—reflection from Carl Truman’s Video.  Oct 7, 2022

An excellent video by Carl Truman talked about the identity of a community that emerged suddenly over last years and took the Western world by storm, especially in America.

Carl talked about:

Decades ago, most lived in a community setting. That’s how we are framed in our worldview. Our lives and world is very fixed.

But today largely from 15th century onwards, people moved from the countryside.  My world is no longer fixed, I can move to the city. Outside world is flexible now, and hence my point of reference is not wrapped up with the outside world. I am wrapped up with my own ambitions, my internal desires. I can choose. What’s going on in my own head: my feelings, my desires, my ambitions, less to do with what’s fixed outside.

Human beings are defined by their sexual desires—Sigmund Freud

What’s it in the space. Sigmund Freud, 12th century psychoanalyst in Vienna. Freud came to conclusion what drives a persons is his inner space, by his sexual desire. Human beings are motivated by that we desire sexually. Freud is on something here. When we turn on TV, what drives most dramas is sexual desires. You have friends who destroy their marriage because they can’t control their desires. Freud stands that humans beings are defined by their sexual desires. How their life is shaped by their sexual desires. In ancient Greek, in the bible, bible talks about behavior when we talk about sex.

After Freud, sexual becomes something who they are. Teenagers may say he or she is trans. They are asking about the nature of their sexual desires, an extension of the psychological self. If you have a view of sex as an activity, some activities are legitimate some are not.

Hundreds of years ago, sex was a private activity. It’s not anymore. It now their identity.

Discern which battle to fight. First, make a distinction between the political movement or ideology movement like LGBT. We can see something driving the public policy. We must use the civil right so to make sure policy is not going to be formed that will harm children. We can  use the freedom of speech, to speak against the kind of policy. We need to make a distinction with individuals.

LBGT offers a community to all those who have such inclination of same sex attraction

Stable family…no more common in this generation. Many growing up not sure of their selves, looking for their identity.

LBGT people feel the power of identity. Remember we are all made in the image of God. We desire that no one be harmed.

Model in our own to live a better life. Its one thing to say it’s wrong, another to provide them with an alternative to that.

Christians need to show what the good life looks like, good community. A church where people can flourish.

That’s a very important thing because it’s all about identity. The potency of their identity. Calling their sexuality inclination and urge is their identity, you have nothing really to argue with them. They can switch to any gender they like, using the call it as you wish style of inner desire. The concept of identify for them is powerful, because it’s not what they practiced on their sexual expression per se, but rather they call it as their identity. You can’t defy or deny a person’s identity.

Having said that, Christians today should not just being quick to point out the error and wistfulness of such, but rather Christian’s need to offer an alternative lifestyle of flourishing in church to the LBGT community and not merely speaking against their lifestyle. We need to appreciate the power of community, and LBGT offers an attractive community of identity for those who are struggling with their sexuality.


How can we find flourishing life in church and our identity in Christ?

This is so very needed to our world today especially the young’s. People long  for a community and church can provide a flourishing community like no others. Carl talked about the potency of the Freud inner psychologist who came to the conclusion that humans are driven sexual desire. And that defined a human. He pushed the inner psychology to the idea that you are really what your inner desire is. Or you are defined by your own sexual desire. That changed everything when it comes to the 21st century, when the LBGT community claimed and capitalized on Friend’s theory on that, propagated that men and women are really what they inner desire is, and not being collectively defined by a community. That perpetuated the entire movement today which calls that your sexuality is what you feel inside. What you feel inside is who you really are, and not how and what you look like on the outside. Hence that birthed the transgenderism movement.

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