Why aren’t we thinking of the eternal home?

Al Ngu, New York        January 7, 2023

We were walking to our car tonight by Costco on on the month of January in the deep cold weather tonight. It’s dark and cold and I could see shoppers getting out of Costco are all trying to get back to the cars and go back home with all the shopping. There is nothing better to come home to the warmth and coziness in this cold weather.

Then I thought of the of the eternity home. Do we human beings actually long for coming home to a home that is warm and well prepared for us to crash,  to relax,  to listen to music and have dinner etc. Do you see the eternal home that we are destined to return to that will be eternal; not the kind of home that we’ve put in all our savings literally with all our monthly savings going to the mortgage of the home specially in places like New York city. Totally so ironic in life that we put in all our savings into a very temporary home, while we put hardly anything into our eternal home. That’s a question befuddles me or anyone if you know there is such a thing called the eternal home. Walking through this cold night to the car parked by Costco makes me think how many how many people long and wish and hope to get to the eternal home that is warm and comfortable and eternal?

If we don’t think about the eternity home., we will be the saddest people in the world. So the question is, what are we going do about it? Taking things too much for granted. And being shortsighted, and I mean totally shortsighted, will be the  most regrettable thing in life ever in the future. If you read the Bible from what Jesus said about being thrown into the lake of fire with burning sulfur. This is no laughing matter. As like in the Book of Revelations 21. And also numerous places Jesus talked about hell. The reality is that people don’t want to talk about hell. And don’t want to think about it. It is something that is so dreadful. And people would rather think it is just vague human imagination. And a lot of people also question why would a God of love and mercy and kindness send people to the eternal burning fire? To that, the answer is that why would the loving, caring God sent his son Jesus Christ to die on a ghastly death on the cross publicly? To be shamed by the Romans. And by the Jewish Pharisees. Why? The answer is:

The justice and the righteousness of God demands so. All sins of mankind are to be paid for. Otherwise all will be facing the prospect of eternal Hellfire. If anybody’s beginning to question the wisdom and the justification of the action of God, of sending anybody to hell fire, to be burned for all eternity, he needs to look at the cross. Why? Would the glorious Son of God be tortured publicly. To die on the cross 2000 years ago. And the reason is. He has to pay for the sins of the world in order to save the world.

So this is sort of a very brief explanation. And the justification of these Hellfire? From the Bible. Question is, are people convinced? Are people willing to take it seriously. The problem is,  people ignore it. People would  just ignore it. To bury the concept of Hellfire. People think that. by not thinking about it, it will go away. But that’s not true. And anybody with any sense, we agree with that just because you don’t want to think about it, hell fire will NOT go away.

Now if that’s the case, shouldn’t this be the biggest news on every television and news media. Today? Of course it should be! So for so for those who believe in this, while we are holding the tension of the prospect of eternity, bliss in heaven, and the eternal condemnation in the Hellfire., and remaining silent is the hardest thing in life.

First, if you share with folks about this heaven and hell, they will write you off. It is interesting how powerful the powers of the Prince of this world has taken  control on the philosophical propaganda and human thoughts for this Millennium. That any one questioning or talking about the eternity will be deemed as out of date and even on the wrong side of history. This has to be dealt with. Seriously. However, if you don’t share with anybody, this issue will burn in your soul, because the prospect of seeing your friends and loved ones burning in hell for eternity, not for one month, nor for. Two years. Not for 50 years, but for eternity is frightening and dauting.

We are at this juncture in our society when any thought about eternity, long term is deemed out of fashion, because we are supposed to be scientifically minded. In reality, the scientific minded people actually do not have any answer for the eternity; for the creation and the beginning of life in this world. We have to begin to acknowledge the shortcomings! Brilliant scientific minds in this world are weak, simply do not have any answer for that. To say that humans who die were eventually become fertilizer is the complete moronic thought that is the most dehumanizing at the highest order.

Christians who have the message of eternal life in Jesus Christ: we have to come to the knees. Regularly praying and crying out to the Lord of Harvest. To send out harvests laborers to bring in the harvest., as Jesus said. Today. We literally stand at the forefront of spiritual redemption, of the scale of eternity that this world has never seen ever before. And we must act and act fast. And act with passion.

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