God will show you the way when He calls you

Al Ngu, Orlando, January 11, 2023

When Abraham was called by God to go to a new land he would show him, God promised he will bless him make his name great, make him to a great nation and all the families of the earth shall be blessed through him. The tricky part of it is that when God called Abraham God didn’t tell him where he was going, he just told him go and I will show you. Is a bit like us today a lot of times God doesn’t give us a details by God.

He stirs in our hearts to go somewhere and/or to do something for the Lord based on his calling but you don’t have the exact idea itself what to do or where to go. Very much like Abraham. Though there is a huge difference though because God appeared personally to Abraham and God spoke audibly to Abraham to call him and give him instructions and give him all the promises for him and make him so sure that it is God. In a sense this call is so emphatically important and significant because this will impact the entire humanity because Abraham’s call is to be a blessing to all the families of the earth. The blessings does not just rest on Abraham but on the entire humanity in the entire whole world, and it’s not just through Abraham but also through the offspring of Abraham.

That offspring is a is a singular noun not offsprings. It only one person that is included in that and that is that is Jesus Christ the son of David the son of Abraham God who will bless the entire world. And that blessings come through the promise of God to Abraham and all the way down to all believers. It was fulfilled 2000 years ago in the son of God who became a human himself. And through him and through his death and resurrection as a redemption substitute for our condemnation and our sins when he conquered death. He defeated the devil and death.

God has called all of us because we are children and offspring of Abraham by faith in Christ also similarly to be a blessing to the entire generation entire world. We are all called, we are all In it. The call is clear we have no doubt, however some of us may be called specifically to be pastors or engineers doctors or deacons elders or musicians or worship leaders or Sunday school teachers or whatever vocation.

It doesn’t have to be some vocations in the House of God but they can be in the community we live in. But the overall goal remains the same – to be a blessing to all the families of the earth period now between the call and the fulfillment.

How does God empower us God’s sake to Abraham leave your country leave your homeland leave your tribe and families and go to the land I will show you. The four words “I will show you” is the empowerment of God. Similarly God promised us he will show us. He’s not gonna leave us groping in the dark fumbling on the way. But at the time of calling he’s not telling us. And you know why? Because that’s the way to build faith in us; that’s a way for us to completely thrust ourselves to trust him and put our faith in him to make a better you in this conversation in this story. So God will show us:  I myself personally am transitioning my ministry from pastoral to nothing, I’m awaiting for God to show me. And based on that I know in my spirit God will show me. You know why because this is important to him because the calling is to fulfill the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations and teach them to obey everything I’ve taught you. And because it is so important so significant he would definitely tell you tell me tell us. So that is so important period : the guidance of the Lord, the leadership of the Lord, the direction of the Lord and they are all in the book of psalms, “ lead me or Lord, direct my path of God, command me the way I should go I should walk.” I rejoice in the fact that we have a God who promised to show me the way.

I hope you’re going to continue to put your trust and your faith in him as he leads you into the next chapter of your life Your ministry.

Or you may be seeking for a soul mate marriage partner in your life and you know that God has called you to live a life that is pleasing to him, glorifying his name in other words to be equally yoked with a spouse they’ll raise a godly family pleasing to him glorifying to his name. But as you looked around your environment you may find that there’s a lot of eligible women in the House of God but very few eligible young eligible men as is the case usually as there are more brothers than sisters in the house. There are more sisters than brothers in the House of God. Then as a woman who loves the Lord seeking a soul mate life partner what do you do? All I can say as God has called you, he will show you. And he must keep his words and he will as he’s a God of integrity ,of immutability, of the God of covenant with us. Nothing will change his mind and he will never break his word.

Or you were in the middle of difficult decisions as going through business or going through marriage or going through children’s lives struggles etc, you cry to the Lord and you asked Lord “show me your way”. I will not say the words he’s duty bound to show you the way but I will say his love is bound to show you the way.

However sometimes it may seem that we are not getting much direction, and it seems to be so quiet. Never doubt because he’s in the process of making things happen preparing you for greater things, shaping and molding you. Just like the way he matured Joseph who was thrown into the pit with 1001 questions with anger boiling on his mind and his anxiety and fear in his spirit. He was sold to the Egyptian army captain. And incredibly God was with him even in the pit and through the pit process. Its amazing how the entire journey through the pit, through the slavery, through the slavery as Egypt’s captain’s house, he eventually rose to become the Prime Minister of Egypt miraculously with God’s providence clearly. This all happened in the midst of apparent failure of his life and the silence of God. That is so powerful.

That is indeed as God says “I will show you.”

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