The Lord Jesus is Coming Back

William Kavanaugh argues that consumerism is the death of Christian eschatology, because it allows for no rupture with the status quo, no inbreaking kingdom of God, but only endless superficial novelty. It is the endless repeating cycle of consumption that never grows old, never grows up, and never comes in the end (Chris Watkin).

Now this is cutting edge by Kavanaugh. He’s saying that consumer causes the death of Christian eschatology. Why? Because it allows the status quo to remain status quo in our society. With no rupture. What does it mean rupture? In other words. Status quo remains status quo. There is no change, no breakthrough. It always is the same old, same old.  Same vicious cycle.

What has materialism or consumerism got a grip on? On us!  So strong as it is in the material world today that Kingdom of God cannot break in. There is not a chance and no hope. For breaking in or rupturing. They’re status quo. Because the only chance of doing that is through the Kingdom of God. But in this, materialism blinds the eyes of the people with superficial novelty. That novelty deludes people with worldly pleasures, comfort and enjoyment, so much so that people have completely lost sight of the eschatology, or the return of Christ.

When the Kingdom of God will be fully established, judgment will be held against all those who rejected and mocked Christ. But that sense of that Kingdom of God coming or the end time, judgment, or return of Christ does not seem to emerge in our imagination, because we’re so bound up with consumerism. Consumerism continues to have a grip upon our minds, our imagination. Consumerism can also equate to materialism. Materialistic worldview continues to hammer on our Christians’ rightful worldview of eschatology. Christians have been served a great harm because of materialism and consumerism. Put simply, money blinds the eyes of the Christian believers. That’s why the love of money truly is the root of all evil, said Jesus.

All of us need money to survive to live a life of decent comfort. Not even asking for incredible richness and cruising for vacation etcetera. But we’re really just saying living a life on par with the community. However, the continual bombardment of TV and movie series, etcetera on our minds would have it effect on us and take a toll on on our Christian worldview. Christian eschatology.

Now if our eschatology worldview is damaged we are in deep trouble because Christians begin to live for the present. If we begin to do that, we begin to be very short sighted. And our ship will run aground. We would have no sense of the coming back of Christ our Lord. And we have no sense of urgency, we have no sense of living for the future. Even though we know the certainty of what’s going to happen in the end time, future, we do not reflect that lifestyle simply because we are so bogged down by consumerism and materialism. As it is in said, it’s been ruptured on Kingdom of God. Eschatology has been ruptured. However. The consumerism stays in status quo and there’s no rupture.

That’s why it’s incredibly important that we do our weekly worship in a congregation setting to connect with God and with. One another, so that we continue to dwell in the presence of God. And in touch with humanity who loves Jesus. Together.

The important thing and tricky thing is to  maintain a balance between consumerism being thrifty. And now don’t cast all eyes on the worldly pleasures that much that we lose sight of the homecoming of Christ. Jesus is coming back and surely he’s coming back. And soon. And very soon. The exact timing of which we were not known. But we do know he’s coming back and therefore we must get ready. Like the five virgin foolish women and the five wise virgin women. It’s the foolish virgin women who didn’t bother to fill there cups with oil and when the bridegroom finally showed up, they didn’t have the oil to be ready to meet with the groom.  But the wise virgin women were ready to meet the groom.

We have to choose to be vigilant of the oncoming end time events. The Lord is coming back. Amen.

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