Jesus gives us a glimpse of his glory of his end time appearance in Transfiguration

Al Ngu,     February 10, 2023

Mark 9: And he said to them, “Truly, I say to you, there are some standing here who will not taste death until they see the kingdom of God after it has come with power.” And after six days Jesus took with him Peter and James and John, and led them up a high mountain by themselves. And he was transfigured before them, and his clothes became radiant, intensely white, as no one on earth could bleach them. And there appeared to them Elijah with Moses, and they were talking with Jesus.

Jesus said, some will not taste death until they see the Kingdom of God.  Who is that you wonder who would not taste death until they see the Kingdom of God? And that is really interesting, but what it means is, you know, at that time when transfiguration happened, who went out to see the Transfiguration? Peter, James, and John.

Presumably Jesus was referring to Peter, James and John. They would see the glorious God before they die. It’s transfiguration. In the context of the scripture we can quite safely take, this is referring the transfiguration. The seed, the King of God comes with power. Isn’t that power? What happened to the Transfiguration? After six days Jesus took with him Peter, James, and John to High Mountain by themselves, and he was transfigured before them. His clothes were radiant, intensely white, as no one on Earth could bleach them. He was intensely white. Do you know that whiteness is really like what happened to God when he descended of Mount Sinai? His face, his amazing radiant glory, love, lightning and Thunder. Everything. Even Moses went up to talk with me, with God for 40 days after the after he came down, his face was shining with brilliant light. So much so that Israel asked Moses to put a veil over his face because it’s hurting their eyes. That’s exactly what’s happening to Jesus. Jesus called, becoming intensely brilliant white, shiny. So much so the three disciples, Peter, James and John were afraid, was so afraid, don’t know what to say. You see, that is the  transfiguration of Jesus on the mountain.

What do you call that? Jesus showed them the power of the Kingdom of God. That is Jesus glowing  for a moment. Probably less than 30 minute. The eschatology, what is to come right now, what they see is totally human. Jesus is not glorified yet, but Jesus gave them a glimpse of what is going to be like. And I’m just so encouraging because for one thing, it would encourage us all of the end time coming.

And eschatology means end time perosia the return of Christ. You know, when we see what’s going to happen in the end we can live our present life with so much more power and joy and conviction and confidence and faith, right? Because you already know what the ending is like , what its going to be. Super Bowl is coming up, I think next week. You know, if you’re rooting for a team so passionately, like what I’m rooting pretty strongly for one team now to win the Super Bowl. I got nervous every time they made a blunder . I think it’s the National Football championship you know chiefs were were struggling to beat Bengals until the end so I switched off for a while. And then by the time it’s finished, I turned on the news. I checked news on my iphone: Chiefs is going to the Super Bowl. Awesome! So I quickly went back and saw the highlights. You know, I was so, so relaxed, so happy to to see, you know, to enjoy because I already know the end results. I did have a tense, didn’t have that doubts and uncertainty anymore. I just knew exactly what’s going to happen. Its already happened, actually.

So it’s the same thing with us. When Jesus gave us an eschatological (end time)  appearance, the entire appearance to Peter, James and John, He is telling them that folks lift up your eyes. The end is coming. When I come back this is going to be me alright church, be strong at the end time. I’m coming. That’s gonna be me. It will be so amazing, so tremendous. We should all be one living together as one family of God forever and ever. There be no more tears. Wipe all your tears , no more pain, no more grief. No more sorrows. No more evil.

Paradise precisely its exactly paradise as good as the best moment of your life. For at that moment we will not end. How about that? This goes on and on and on and on. It will be just the best the Lord has so much blessed us.  That’s so encouraging. I hope it encourage you to stay firm and looking forward to the end time. Looking forward to that eschatology.

Be sure you read my article on Consumerism or materialism really, really just cause people failure to look at end time because it’s so bumped out of the present. So read that. But really, Jesus gives us a glimpse of his glory of his end time appearance folks. Be ready for the end time. When Christ comes back, there’s no more fighting. The fighting will be over everything over the victories completely won. The dragon ak the Devil would be thrown into Hellfire with sulphur burning well, the false prophets and the beast and all those who rejected Christ. So those who have not believe, I urge you to make a strong decision to consider. Read the Bible. Consider the divinity of Christ, what he claims, and what he offers folks. Jesus responded with the glory of God on the Mount to s Peter, James and John.

That transfiguration lasted for less than half an hour or pass. But is this a few conversations now, right after that, Peter said, “ Oh, Lord, let me make three tents for you”. He  had no idea what he’s talking about because Elijah and Moses appeared. Now, right after that, God’s voice saying, “listen to this is my beloved son. Listen to him.”  There’s an affirmation that voice is not for Jesus. Their voice is for the people. Listen to Jesus. He’s my son. That’s the voice of God from heaven. They were overwhelmed, stunned. And then Jesus told them, don’t tell anybody until I’m raised from the dead. They were scratching their heads going down the mountain. What does he mean by raising rising from the dead? Why don’t they just ask him? But Jesus already said many, many, many, many, many, many times explicitly. The Son of man should be killed, but three days later he shall rise from the dead. Jesus said so many times, and yet the 12 courses beside us don’t get it. How about that?

As today, we have been the church many, many, many, many years and some of the major doctrines, we don’t get it. Or we kind of know the doctrines intellectually in our heads, but we don’t get it in our hearts. So folks, this is a powerful one.

Last thing Elijah and Moses appeared to Jesus. I believe that is very revealing. Those who have died, the Saints, those who believed in Christ, who have died, they are with the Lord now. Their spirits are with the Lord. That’s why they can appear to talk to the Lord Jesus Transfiguration. When called upon, this is it is such a comforting thing. This confirms what Jesus said to the thief on his right side on the cross to today you shall be with me in paradise. This is spirit, and the flesh will come later when Jesus returns with the big trumpet. Amen. God bless you.

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