God has made a creation of superabundance

The God who created this earth this universe, this world , is a God of super abundance

The reason he’s a God of super abundance is if you look around this world, this world is full of green trees, fresh air, beautiful blue sea, oceans and brown river and if you live in the four season world like I do in the northeast of America, we see the leaves turned brown, orange, red, yellow over fall time or autumn. Where can you get all this from? There is no coincidence! There can be no diminishing of the greatness and the abundance of God by saying there we come from some kind of atoms that evolve around the centuries! That is so diminishing and so insulting to the God of superabundance and glory.

Supremely the God of abundance was manifested on the cross in Palestine 2000 years ago

And God of super abundance is not just reflected on the way he created the world created Adam and Eve, created all the animals the birds that fly in the sky and the fish that swim in the sea, but supremely the God of abundance was manifested on the cross in Palestine 2000 years ago. To imagine that the God who created the whole universe could possibly or conceivably hang himself because of the Roman soldiers and the Jewish Pharisees priests, dripping in blood and anguish and shame and pain, it’s not only insane and it’s unthinkable and scandalous! Now that is super abundance. The reason he hangs or he allows himself to be hung on the cross bleeding for what? He allowed himself to be hung there so that he can be a redemption substitute for the sins of mankind. Because we have violated the commandment of God, our covenant with God, we pay the price of dying and be eternally condemned. However Jesus Christ the son of God and our Father in heaven love us so much that God gave his only son Jesus Christ to this world to die for us so whoever believe in him shall not perish and shall have eternal life. If that is not super abundance I don’t know what is?

Huge contrast and antithesis to the transactional world and culture we live in

This is a huge contrast and antithesis to the transactional world and culture we live in and a calculative mindset that we deal with one another. There’s a sense of which we do things so that we can get things back from others. In itself it’s not the strangest thing, because basically you reap what you sow. However God is expecting us to show more than that.

That’s why we hear of this Samaritan parable in which a Samaritan helped a bleeding Jewish man beaten up on the road. When all the Jewish brethren who passed by that helpless Jewish man bleeding on the road, this Samaritan man who is supposed to be at enmity with the Jewish people, stopped and paused to quickly lift him up, cleaned him up, nursed him and gave him food to eat before bringing him to a local hotel. And he then paid the price of the of the stay of that wounded man for a few days to the hotel in advance and he before he took his journey on his way. He even told the hotel that the expense of the doctor or stay be upon him when he comes back. This may sound super abundance and excessively generous to the world we live in, because in reality we also face economic hardship and the challenges ourselves. However Jesus is teaching us who is our neighbor? Our neighbor are those people who look different from us, whom we usually dislike associating with due to socioeconomic reasons, as in this case this Samaritan man helping a Jewish wounded man on the roadside, while all the other Jewish men who passed by ignored him. This is a startling story illustrating the Super abundance of God.

The first greatest commandment is love the Lord your God with all your heart mind and soul

The first greatest commandment is love the Lord your God with all your heart mind and soul, the second greatest commandment is love your neighbor as yourself. And when the disciples asked Jesus who is my disciple or who is my neighbor? Jesus told them this Samaritan man’s story.

What Jesus is saying is even the most unlikely people in your neighborhood who needs help go  help them. This is an incredible story of selfless living because of the love of God. Because of the Super abundance of God. Because God rewards those who love thy neighbors.

 There is another place where Jesus said when I’m sick, you came and visited me, and when I’m hungry you fed me, when I’m thirsty you gave me drinks, when I’m in jail you visited me. The disciples then ask when did we do that? Jesus answered when you do this to the least of you among us, you’ve done that for me. Jesus also said to some others while I was hungry you did not feed me while I when I was what I was call you did not call for me etcetera, and Jesus said to them truly I don’t know you.

God did not tell us to love our neighbors out of own strength, but he has done it himself through the cross showing the Super abundant love and empowering, and also giving us strength through the Holy Spirit to carry out his commands. And he promised to reward us greatly including the reward being entering the Kingdom of God the eternal life in the paradise with him.

Our orientation to this world would drastically change if we grasp the superabundance of God and not holding on to our riches and money in our in our bank account only, but stand up to fight for justice and feed the poor and help the hungry.


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