The Logic of Superabundance will transform our Society

Logic of Equivalence

Definitely our contemporary society follows the logic of equivalence. The logic of equivalence means essentially I’ll buy you a drink and I expect you to buy me a drink next time or in some philosopher’s words it’s a tooth for a tooth in the negative sense. Anything done for anybody else will have an expectation of some payback. This applies to the business world in particular, the professional service world, or even just family relationship or friends’ relationship even. The world looks at that as the norm. It is the logic of transaction and the market, a reciprocal paradigm in which debts must be paid in full but no more.

The Logic of Superabundance

This will transform our contemporary society because first and foremost it is only possible by God and from God. It is humanly impossible due to our fallen nature and our depravity, by human default in nature, we are all selfish beings, self-centered beings in our society is so shaped on the transactional calculative economy. This is not to say that there is nothing or no one that is selfless in this world, because there is generous heart that gives to charity in enormous amount, people volunteered their lives to fight for the countries, people volunteer to serve the poor and fight for the marginalized. All these are beautiful spots and manifestations of the common grace of God. Common grace of God is available to every creation and he doesn’t have to be people of the elect or believers in Christ even. In other words even non-believers non-Christians can manifest those virtues of generosity caring and fighting for the poor and marginalized. However they cannot move into the realm of superabundance because that will require supernatural ability and conviction.

Superabundance requires the grace of God meaning something supernaturally empowering us. The Son of God offered himself to die on the cross on behalf of mankind for the sins they have committed, so that whoever believes in him shall be saved and not perish. For God so love the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life, John 3: 16. That is the epitome of the superabundance of God and no one has ever seen or even imagined the mystery of God that he would even dare or willing to take upon the sins of the world upon himself while He is sinless and perfect to receive condemnation from the Father on our behalf. It’s scandalous.

So imagine if we apply that to our society, we will see so much flourishing, forgiving, caring, and believing in one another that we’ve never seen before. Jail population would drop drastically, political debates for self-gain or ideology will dim down to a simmer. Wars will cease. There’s just so much hope and joy in such a society and human flourishing it’s a sure thing to come.

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