Why is Modern Spain culture appealing to us and what we can learn from them?

It’s been a beautiful long week in Spain mostly in Tossa de Mar, Madrid and Barcelona. Tossa De Mar is a beautiful coastal village with stunning blue crystal clear water of the Mediterranean Sea. Imagine standing by the Mediterranean Sea, and putting your feet down the water, that’s what I did.

Now the people there are generally more friendly, casual with milder demeanor than I have seen in all of the other European nations I’ve been to, including UK friends in Italy. Coming from New York City. This is quite a cultural shock, and a very pleasant one indeed.

I thought to myself this country is not very diverse as I see the majority and absolute majority of them are Spanish whites. I don’t see any Asians at all or any blacks most time and I have seen thousands Spanish it’s just so many of them walking on the streets, I probably met less than a handful, blacks and Asians.

When I traveled by train from the outskirts of the city of Madrid, to the center of the city, the train is super clean and spacious and relatively new. The most stunning thing I found when I walk on the street of Madrid is the people’s demeanor is much more milder and easy-going and relaxed. It may be the Mediterranean seaside chilled lifestyle. In New York, you’ll be nervous to take a subway near to midnight in parts of Manhattan, or in Brooklyn, or in Queens, or Bronx. The amount of violence happening in the US is highly alarming with gun shooting somewhere almost on a daily basis over the country. Thank God that it doesn’t happen that much in New York City but you quite regularly see and hear of muggings, and some women or men pushed to death or injury on the subway track mostly by either homeless or those under the mental conditions. Talking about that I’ve seen one or two beggers in the streets in Madrid after we have seen thousands of the population. Why are there so many homeless in New York compared to Madrid? I have heard regularly like once a week women or even a man be mugged and be beaten up and then pushed on the track by this so-called mentally unstable folks in New York!

Woke Ideology in US

Woke ideology has been damaging, so much so some calls it as an iceberg ready to sink our culture. There’s no social woke thing in Spain. Now another thing that’s cooking in the US, is the gender confusion that has taken it to another level all altogether with Biden’s administration insanely issued in Title IX to overrule any states they who may try to ban transgender Athletes to compete in the sports. That is unconscionable in any country in the world and that I don’t hear at all in Spain. And that’s banned in Europe.

The calmer milder demeanor, culture of a society is highly attractive for quality lifestyle. People may take it for granted, but if you live in a country that’s war torn, this is very, very visible and standing out right in front of you. in the US, if you read the front page newspaper almost on a daily basis, there’s some shootings somewhere in the country. In Europe guns is banned. There is no guns carried openly. In Spain there’s no fear of such violence and I don’t see them here any violence of such as well. In New York, subway and nighttime, you’ll be feeling nervous, especially through some areas where it is more prone to crimes like in certain areas of Bronx and even Brooklyn and Manhattan and Queens for the matter.

The call against against this social injustice is right on! But to solve the problem with “woke” is highly damaging and detrimental to society when woke ideology takes a segment of the liberation theology of Exodus and projected itself as the entire narrative of their struggle.

To compare wokeness and Exodus is not only heretical but also using God’s name in vain.

The huge difference is the Exodus narrative in the Bible has a divine goal and purpose in mind, and that goes beyond just the liberation of slavery of the Jewish people in Egypt. [1] And that is to worship and serve the living God of Israel Yahweh. God told Moses to tell Pharaoh let his people go so that they can come and worship and serve Him.

Exodus 8: 1  Then the Lord said to Moses, “Go to Pharaoh and say to him, ‘This is what the Lord says: Let my people go, so that they may worship me.”

They are not to serve Pharaoh anymore. In very much the same way God is calling us to be set apart from worshiping and craving after the idolatry in this world, like sex, power money, and to come and worship and serve the God of heavens and earth, the resurrected Christ Jesus.

Cultural Transformation

An organic solution will be a milder society where people just generally live together in peace, and the more easy-going a walk and not so much materialistic, driven, per se. It will require a whole transformation of the culture to achieve that. Calmer and milder culture is highly desirable. Not violence, problems and hatred bigotry driven with all sorts of vocabulary of cynicism sarcasm constantly on display on the media and social media is not helpful. In the Bible in the book of proverbs, say blessed are those who do not sit with the scoffers, the scoffers of those who are cynical and sarcastic. This is the people that are not going to be blessed. Proverbs says, blessed are those people who do not sit them on the scoffers, who do not stay with the wicked, who do not walk with the evil ones, but his delight is in the Word of God, the meditation of the word of God. That will be the man or woman, who is blessed by the Word of God that bring forth multiple fruits in due season.

By delighting in the Word of God

It is impossible to stay away from the temptations of the evil one in our modern society all the all society there’s no difference, without being delighted in the holy scripture. Its the word of God, the Bible, the gifts of strength that works within us, the transforms us , the produce the artwork behavior and actions that corporate companies have tried to impose policy and training on inclusivity call my diversity and I’ll rages matter. People must not forget real unity, real peaceful society comes from knowing God.

By being Communal

The other beautiful, interactive aspect, I see in the Spanish society is the highly sociable, outgoing group, especially in the evenings, large numbers, walking on the streets, drinking coffee on the streets and dinner the restaurant on the street side it’s just such a gift, the sense of feeling of a community. The sense of communal feeling is really important which I thought is largely missing in the western society due to the individualistic drive of the mindset inherited from enlightenment or postmodernism. And the fact that they the Spanish are so sociable going out in large numbers with children or families, makes their society that almost looks like a communal Asian culture and that is very surprising, which is really a pleasant surprise. This will reduce or remove the elements of violence in a society because when you have such interaction socially with one another, you see one another, you almost get a sense that no one’s looking behind trying to rob you or do something like what’s happening in New York in some area at night. This has come out of a real blessing because I believe social communal sense breeds a sense of togetherness and inclusiveness, that none of the companies or the authority tries to inculcate artificially can ever achieve. The recent fight over having a transgender biological man walking to a female bathroom or a locker room in schools or colleges is a detestable sad grieving event that has grown out of a natural desire that’s gone public and even the administration has actually gone to support that. And that’s an incredulous, abominable act unheard of in any country or any civilization. I would argue that sociable as a community as a family of a country of a city will cut down amount of crimes in their very significant way, and one thing will lead to the end other and potentially bring in huge blessings to the country and the city.

And I would say in conclusion, there are many important social philosophy that Americans can learn from the Spanish.

[1] Chris Watkin, Biblical Critical Theory

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