Cultural Christianity Must Not Collapse

Ben Dunson, in his article in First Thing, in August 2021, pointed out some very poignant things about the way evangelicals or the reformed evangelicals handle the cultural Christianity.

There are evils, abuses, and hypocrisies in every human society. But the collapse of a Christian culture in America is nothing to celebrate. The old Protestant establishment in this country did much to promote human flourishing and to restrain destructive ideologies in the public square. With the decline of that establishment, we are now at the point where, if one hopes to maintain a position in politics or business, one may not publicly maintain that men cannot become women, or that homosexuality should be condemned. Violent and degrading pornography streams on countless computers and smartphones.[1]

To say the collapse of cultural Christianity is applaudable is throwing out the baby with the bath water, highly ignorant thinking and destructive to the body of Christ’s life and role in the society that God has put us in.

God clearly told Jeremiah to tell Israel to pray for the shalom of the city while they were in exile. Yes, today we are in exile , very much so, in a country that is calling transgenderism and abortion as the # 1 priority in the White House administration. How can we pray and work for the shalom of the city and nation we are in if we do not want to build a Christian culture and express that to the city? Yes, there had been some bad apples in the past, and there will always be some, we can’t throw out the baby! Unless those evangelical thinkers have a better idea, please let us know. The world at large is at a starvation mode spiritually morally now in America. I listened to John MacArthur exposition of Romans 1 the other day, he mentioned the collapse of a human civilization started with denying God, then comes adultery sexual overreach, the homosexuality. That seems to eb the case for America.

The protestant has dome much to promote human flourishing and restrain destructive ideologies in the public square.[2] Slavery was abolished by Christians, thousands and millions of poor were fed by Christians organization like Red Cross, Mother Teresa, etc., and in local city, Hope for New York. Lifting up women’s status in society especially in the early church, isn’t that Christian influence upon the culture and nation? So by downplaying cultural Christian, just exactly what these evangelicals have in mind as a means to influence the society? Be a salt to the world, is a command of our Lord Jesus.

There is no question in my mind the elite evangelicals have played down the cultural Christianity in the name of winsome, witnessing or theology that keeps your faith to yourself, and expressed no displeasure or protest to any disfigurement of Christianity in the public arena. Only focus on your own relationship with God and the life of the Redemption Gospel, and provide no voice to the public square on the pressing burning issues like transgenderism homosexuality that just split the Anglican church, etc. Only the expression of fighting racism, and helping the marginalized is to be publicly expressed and praised. Sadly, this is all what they do in the public arena and it will not be enough.

The eerie silence on the issue of transgenderism and same sex marriage or even same sex priest in churches from these very same evangelicals when they trumpeted their anger and displeasure at racism, etc is such a hypocritical mannerism and thinking. The biggest problem is why can’t we all embrace them all together? Why trumpet and fight for some, and leave out the rest? It’s as if the abomination sin in Romans 1 weighs somehow much lighter than helping the poor and marginalized. How?

Folks, our cultural Christianity must be upheld but must be done according to the Word of God. Any distraction from doing God’s will and desire, is a deep dive into the power of darkness. We must be like the Pentecostals and charismatics where they stand strong united and praying against the powers of darkness and call out the devil and the principalities of darkness at work.

By avoiding speaking up and engaging ourselves in the social political front, we will only bring a swift destruction to our culture. If our cultural Christianity doesn’t express well our Lord’s desire, then it’s of utmost importance we fix our problems thereof, but not to dismantle the entire cultural Christianity. If our cultural Christianity collapse, there will be a huge void, that the enemy will gladly occupy with a large glee.

It has come to such a dire situation now, drag queen preforms in our classrooms in elementary, middle schools, but ban Christian bibles and prayer meetings. Transgenderism has seen biological male changing in female locker rooms, and compete against female athletes. And if Christians remain silent, there will be a collapse of Christianity culture at large, and we will only be a holy club in our churches itself. The world will be hugely comfortable in carrying out the evil deed of darkness, and they welcome the fact that they have a group of silent Christians who either have no guts to confront the evils, or they rather stay within the church and not to mingle with the problems at lager. But Jesus was contently on the move to meet new folks of all kinds of background from the hated tax collectors to fishermen, to women with demons cast out, etc. etc.  Jesus would have confronted the society with their evils that are constantly being poured out at us. They scorned at Christians stand. They completely pushed us aside.

If we don’t stand up and speak for God’s will , who will?


[2] Ibid.

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