God’s infinite love and holiness

Last Sunday I preached on Abraham’s Prayer for the City of Sodom & Gomorah. He appealed to God repeatedly for the wicked cities at that time. He was like heckled God, pestered God in a most bold courageous way unseen. God accepted his petition repeatedly like 5 times. Most conservative Christians will think that he is irreverant of God but in actuality, Abraham said ” he wa sbut dust and ashes”. He was humbled and took risk with the Almighty God for his love for the cities. Though jhe knew that the very cities he was appealing for could actually kill him if he visited the cities.

Abraham knew the infinite holiness and love of God. He knew God loves the cities so much and on that premise he appealed not to destroy the cities on account of 50 righteous people or 40, 30, and eventually 10. He knew God loves so much. But he also knows God is infinite righteous and holy. He will carry out all things in His holiness. When we pray to God, we need to know these 2 great attributes of God. He is infinitely loving and holy. That we can be bold and at the same time intimate with God and risk taking with God. Honestly, no one can pray the way Abraham prayed to God unless you are a very good friend of God, very intimate with God. Abraham was God’s friend, good friend, he was intim,ate with God.

That’s the kind of generation we want to raise and be like-intimacy with God, passionate for God and the people, and risk taking!