Amazing day today!

We are glad to have Rachel back last night and it was wonderful after her 3 weeks absence from home, noticably our Costco shopping ‘s needs decreases. But today, I got the good news that I have been offered an awesome job that is beyond my wildest dream. God has spoken and acted and I feel so humbled knowing that He loves me and cares for me. It really is beyond what I dare to hope in this kind of economy! Surely our God is faithful and his love reaches beyond the heavens!

Also on the same day today, I got the good news from New York for Urban Mission center that they have finally (after a long 3 days) firmed up a good offer for us to host our Hope N American Camp 2011 for 150-200 people at a costs within budget and that includes food, lodging, auditorium hall, breakout rooms!! Totally blown me away as this is NYC!! I was given 1 month to finalize the deal and time is clicking away as the deadline looms at Aug 5, literally I have 12 days left to cut the deal! Thank you Lord, our folks are coming to New York city next summer! 🙂 Love you Lord.

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