Dear Pastors, …

I have been praying about the NACC camp Vs local NY Church camp over the last few weeks. What’s the best for our local churches. I am leaning to host our local church camp, and today it’s all confirmed. I spoke to Minyu from Hope London, also Jon Ah Chern from Hope London and Jon Foo who was from Hope London too. They confirmed that in Hope Europe they no longer do the annual Europe camp anymore, instead they have ELC (European Leadership Conference). I am totally in agreement to this.

I propose we abolish NACC Camp and substitute it with ALC (American Leadership COnference). Our own local church members will have local camp, just like London, Berlin, Oslo etc.
I subsequently brought it up to our core group meeting today in our leadership meeting and my core team totally & unanimously agreed to the concept of Leadership conference for N America, and local camp for members. (Life Gp leaders and above). Thats what we in Hope NY will do in 2012 onwards. I ask that all pastors consider this and pray about this. There is a reason for Hope Europe to do that and honestly, they are doing better than us. I believe that the benefits of spending thosuands and thiousands of dollars does not justify it. We should mobilize ALL our members for local church camp at like $100/person for 3 nights, 4 days. That’s what we plan to do in NY.

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