Dear friends,
Personally, 2011 has been a wonderful and challenging year for me. I
got a new job with ConEd, which is a very big and stable utility
company, which gives me more time & energy to serve the Lord. It’s a
miracle in this time of economic downturn, and a fresh breath of life
from the Lord. God has continued to bless my family, with Rachel’s
acceptance to Columbia University, and Sarah’s, Paul’s, and Rebecca’s
continued success in their schools.

Hope NY Church has also grown in 2011 both in number and quality. The
most important change is the gradual transformation of the church to a
more Gospel-centered Church. A number of new college students continue
to be added to our church including some salvations. I am very
thankful for the leadership team that stood with me all year, coming
together for the Hope North American Camp and progressing even further
as a team in the months afterwards. I am sure they have grown in the
Lord as much as I have over the year. Thank you guys!! I’m very proud
of you!! It’s been a sweet and tough year.

Looking forward to 2012, I am certain that God has greater things for
us! We are praying to move into Manhattan from Long Island, embracing
the principle of living with the people to whom you want to reach out.
God has taught me to love and respect the city.

Finally, we wish you all a very happy & prosperous New Year.  May the
Lord shine upon you and guide you to truth, filling your hearts with
joy & peace! Like Mary says “My soul glorifies the Lord and my heart
rejoices in Him.”

In Christ,
Albert, Doreen, Sarah, Rachel, Paul and Rebecca.
New York, December 2011

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