Glorious Inaugural Hope NY Camp April 2012

Dear pastors:

Praise the Lord, we had a great camp! Enjoy the pictures!

We had a wonderful awesome camp/retreat over the last weekend. Some 25 of us packed in this retreat place in New Jersey. We had sound system, great praise & worship, 5 sessions of teachings. We had a couple of folks from Boston & CT too.  People gave very positive feedback, more coming. The teachings were solid in expository form on Acts 1-2 and people were far more tuned in than the last time I taught Covenant church.
Think the session climaxed for my self when I said in my preaching that as I was preparing for the camp,  I prayed to the Lord I wanted this camp to succeed so much because of previous failure experiences in retreat. I cried out to the Lord that I  stake my reputation on this camp, and the Lord spoke to me, “No, its not yours, it’s mine.” Amazingly I never cried when I prayed that, but as I said that in my preaching, I choked and broke down and wept in front of the camp folks. At that time, the atmosphere was intense and the presence of the Lord was tangible. Sarah said that was pretty powerful! (I guess I realized that God said He staked His reputation on this camp! Imagine that!! )And she learnt more from this camp than any others. I spoke on the truth & the power of the Holy Spirit, the fullness of the Spirit and preparing a life altar for the Lord to pour out the fire.
Our invited speaker Ashley Byrd, a full time staff with Inter Varsity-Columbia spoke well and gently with inspirational story about the struggle of a 15 year old African prince who had to carry her dad for 15 km a day to get a pill.-pretty inspiraing. He spoke on “Who you are is more important than what you do for God”. 
God willing, we will host another retreat in the Fall with the freshman students in.

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