Incredible Move


Last few weeks had been most stressful and still going through it though with great relief that our house is rented out and we found a good house in Forest Hills. All within tight window to many people’s amazement. How did I pull this off with 4 kids at home within a tight window?

God has incredible-we received financial blessings, emotional & prayer support. And quite incredibly I got most from my office colleagues who brain stormed with me on renting process, hunting for house, city choice. I am thankful to my colleagues. Thank God who blessed me with my job with Con Ed and with the recent strike, God provided me extra OT income at just the right time. Thank all for your prayers. 

I am excited to see God’s work in the months ahead starting September! Ps 108:10-11 Who will bring me to the fortified city? Who will lead me to Edom? 11 Is it not you, O God

After all these, we need a vacation…yes, one away from NY next week. 🙂

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