Sept 2, 2012 will be memorable

Sept 2, 2012 will always be memorable. It’s the 1st Sunday service after a few weeks break over summer and marks the 1st service of the new era as per prophecy given to Doreen over NACC Camp by John Jacks. Interestingly it really is a new experience. In our newly rented place, the internet was still not installed after a 2-week wait, a pretty pathetic service by Time Warner, known for their bad service. I usually email my message to myself so I can always download it in church just in case. As it turns out, there is no internetr, and on Sunday before going to church I loaded my laptop into our van and planning to swap to our Toyota car for a smaller car. But when I swapped car, I forgot about the laptop left in the van.

I arrived in church and realized that I had to preach from memory! I prayed and asked God for help and jotted down the main themes and points and thoughts. And it was a great experience, I free flowed and spoke a lot from my heart and experience based on the conceptual points, and it was a good service. New preaching too. The Lord took over, so to speak, in some ways.

Though attendance is low, I saw one unbeliever who was brought by her daughter. She profusely thanked us for the community and she dropped in a check too as her offering to our church.

I believe God will bring a in new harvest in a fast way. Coming up!

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