Praise God -1st House church Meeting

Great worship, prayer , teaching, sharing time last night. 1st House Group with 1st lesson on “Meaning of Anointing”. Small group but it’s going to cause ripples and fill the whole pond-as one prophecy was given last night. Awesome to have Todd HeinigerJoan CollisonPeter Tunping WangChristina Chen with Doreen & I. It was a blast!

Prayer and worship started in a spontaneous way with everything flowing like a river. It’s really the Spirit of God with us. The presence of God was awesome. We then had a 40 min teaching on “Meaning and definition of Anointing”-MP3 shall be posted.

Anointing of God is given to those who are consecrated and for doing his work. Fulfilling His purpose. It’s a sacred thing. The oil of anointing of Aaron that flows down his beard. The anointing flows downwards from leadership and not upwards from bottom up. We need to change our attitude to be far more respectful and submissive to authority and eldership in America. Churches suffer from  alack of it because of our love for freedom which is misconstrued. Real freedom is found in submission to Christ!


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