Today is the wedding of Joan Collison & Todd Heiniger. ALl of Hope NY Church attended the wedding, a fabulous wedding reception & service. It was a great time and we all enjoyed it much. I got to dance with Doreen the first time and she enjoyed it too!

I also had the opportunity of praying for the newly wedded couple. As I opened my mouth to pray, the presence of God came down upon me and I choked with emotions. It was thick. Amazing. I begin to reminisce the old days when God’s presence will show up stringly during my time of ministry like an African pastor who told me the strong presence of God while I went up to prophecies during one of the Pastor COnference more than 10 years ago. Its still as fresh in my mind. The pastor sensed a strong sense of Go ‘s presence even as I started to pray and he sensed prophetic & apostolic anointing that was strong. I love those moments. May the Lord continue to show me such as I journey on building our church in New York.

God bless America. Thank you Lord!

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