Hope NY News Dec 2012





Prophecy came in July 2012 by a few prophets during our North American Conference in Seattle that our church would experience a re-birth, as if we will start anew. Through the summer, it was a trying period as several leaders left us either due to work transfer or personal preference. For a 20-people church, that was significant. 

On top of that we went personally through the birth pangs of a rebirth. Doreen and I had tried for two years to no avail to move from Long Island to the city to be closer to the students and professionals. This summer, however, God spoke to me from Psalm: “Who will bring me to the fortified city? Except you O God!” I found strength in God as we applied to a few top private high schools in Manhattan for Rebecca, our 15-year-old daughter. We were in no position to pay the full tuition fees and after much research and prayer we decided to ask God for His favour as some schools do give financial aid. We thank God that Rebecca was accepted into one of the schools we applied with a bountiful amount of financial aid. God also opened the door for our house in Long Island to be rented out so that we can moved to the borough of New York city.

Pastor Ben and Dinah visited us this past week, partly to get to know Todd and Joan Heiniger, the new up-and-coming church planters passionate about working at the frontier and reaching unreached peoples for Jesus! They, with Pastor Ben & Dinah, discussed the road ahead for them. On Friday night gathering, Dinah spoke on 3 C’s- comparison, celebrate, and contentment. When we are contented and secure in what God called us and made us to be, we can be genuinely happy for others when they are successful. On Sunday morning, Pastor Ben touched the church as he shared from his heart on the paradox of our weaknesses and God’s strength . It’s good for them to connect with us, and I was personably was encouraged by them. They also gave advice to my family, too, which I greatly appreciated.

I am glad that God has started this new work amongst us; it is literally a NEW church. I feel God’s favour is turning upon us with the addition of new ones and the change of atmosphere as a consequence. Our challenges are big but our God is bigger and He is faithful and loving. New York city can be won. Pray for us and with us.

 Pastor Albert Ngu 
 Hope NYC church

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