As I shared this morning, after attended the Gospel Coalition 2013 in Orlando, our hearts are broadened & excited to see the glory of God in raising up so many anointed and gifted preachers, pastors, young ones all over the country. Definitely it’s more than just Tim Keller in the gospel movement. Here are the few that impacted us during the conference.I am browsing through some of their books and should study in depth what they brought to the table.
I encourage you to follow their tweets & read their books as I am trying to learn.
1) Ps /Dr David Platt

He wrote a book …Radical-take back your faith from American dream (NY Times Best Seller)

MDiv, ThD, PhD in Theology from Baptist Theological Seminary.
He blew me away with his teaching on Dsicipleship & church Multiplication. Soooo passionate for Jesus! His first point us “Total abandonment for the glory of Christ” touching on Peter, James & John in leaving behind their boats to follow Jesus.
2) Ps Matt Chandler 
Megachurch pastor Matt Chandler told ministry leaders at a conference in North Carolina on Wednesday that churches seeking to be both fruitful and faithful must first and foremost be built upon the person and work of Jesus Christ.

I absolutely love that. We must build our churches upon the person and work of Jesus Christ!! That’s why I love the gosple centered movement!
3) Ps Colin Smith
Great preaching.
4) Ps Kevin Deyoung
MDiv (young pastor)
Great communicator pastor/thinker/book writer
University Reformed Church, MI
5) Ps/Dr John Piper
Good thinker, foremost theologian cum writer
6) Dr Don Carson
Chair of Gospel Coalition with Tim Keller; foremost theologian, writer
Prof in Trinity Evangelical Seminary, IL
7) Ps/ Dr Tim Keller
You heard too much of him…:)

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