Gospel theology or reformed theology is the way

Gospel theology or reformed theology is the way that has cracked open the liberal city of New York and big metropolis of the world as proven by Redeemer. Reformer in history always have to be bold and courageous and act on conviction like Martin Luther, against all odds brought on Reformation. So I will not let circumstances hinder this reformation I am in.
I am learning a tremendous amount from great preachers like Keller like also in my Incubator course , sermons, books and other Gospel Coalition preachers too. It’s taking a long time.  My preachings are totally Christocentric and using redemptive narratives to melt and crush the hearts of men and women. It deals with the will, mind, and eventually the spirit. It is slowly catching fire but I have long way to go in terms of multinational . I analyze all the great sermons deeply and try to assimilate it, cutting the part that’s too philosophical. In fact, a lot of them are not that philosophical. 
Something I am working hard and praying hard and also getting lessons from City-to-City church planting, gospel contextualization, and building an evangelistic dynamic in church. I also get to understand the context and culture of the Jewish nation at that time so we can bring it into 21 century America . It’s fascinating . Gospel teaching is indeed very powerful. They are also theologically much stronger  than my background.
In a Sermon ending sometimes , It’s said that if you have any integrity, if you are not crushed after this sermon , you are not truthful to yourself. 
I look forward to starting my master in art in urban ministry in NYC with Gordon conwell seminary . I call myself a reformed charismatic. And find it very empowering and referencing to my soil .  

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