Preparing & raising pastors & next generation leaders as theologians

I believe that all pastors should be trained in theological seminaries if they want to plant churches in the big urban cities successfully. A major problem in many churches: Many pastors in churches are not equipped to handle theology because they are never trained theologically (one that digs below the surface), which is a shame. This alone should be a BIG topic of debate and soul searching . 
There is a cry to be equipped theologically especially if Christians want to plant churches in the big urban cities of the West like New York, London, Paris, Sydney, Shanghai etc. We should respond to that and cultivate & empower a desire and hunger for theology, instead of inhibiting it. 
Judging from what I’ve read and observed, we can do with more theological training for pastors and church planters. If pastors are made aware of this, many would want to catch up! And we should let them and encourage them! We should let God do a new thing! The best way to equip the pastors, is to ask them to go to seminaries that are reputable and theologically sound. (like Gordon Conwell, Trinity, Westminster) Their churches should support them financially for such courses. They are the heros of our movement! The church planters! They deserve it.

We need to heed the call, and raise young generation of theologians, equipped to be pastors (& to assist pastors) of the 21st century urban churches of the world!

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